Main schema ahpdfxml.xsd
This schema describes AHPDFXML format, which expresses a PDF document configuration.
In AHPDFXML format, one PDF file is expressed by converting/ splitting into several files. The following are the file types.
1-9 are all XML files. Most of 10 are not XML files.
1. Catalog File
It has a catalogue configuration which manages split files at once.
2. Document File
Stores the main body of a PDF document configuration.
3. Style File
Defines the style applied to the respective elements of a document file.
4. Article
Stores article information in PDF.
5. Destination File
Stores information related to respective destinations defined in PDF.
6. Outline File
Stores an outline information defined in PDF.
7. List File (*1)
Manages a list configuration.
8. Color Dictionary File (*1)
Stores a color space dictionary stored in PDF.
9. Extended Metadata
Stores Extensible Metadata Platform stored in PDF.
10. Embedded File
It means files such as SVG, PNG, JPEG
which are extracted as respective files or images created with a separate application embedded in PDF.
Schema Version: 2.0
Edited by: Yuko Makita (Antenna House)
Last Revised: 05-24-2017
Note: In version 2.0, file output or function is not implemented for a file stated with *1. 1-8 are applicable for schema description.
attribute form default qualified
element form default qualified