Command-line Interface

The Command-line Interface is provided as a single execution format file. It can be called from a Windows batch file or Linux shell script. A license key is required for execution. A license key storage folder must be specified for the environmental variable AHPDFXML20_LIC_PATH.

Executable File Name


How to Use

Take the following steps to execute a command-line program:

> cd [Install directory]
> AHPDFXMLCmd -i d:\samples\sample.pdf -o D:\result\sample -p "sample"

When the conversion is finished properly, the following message is shown and AHPDFXML will be outputted in the D:\result\sample folder.

AHPDFXMLCmd :Converting finished normally

AHPDFXML consists of several files that are outputted to a designated folder.


The following parameters can be specified:

Parameters Features
-i  PDF file [Required] Specifies input PDF. Specify a complete file path over the local file system. The output folder must be created beforehand.
-o  Output Folder Name [Required] Specifies a destination folder name. Specify a complete file path over the local file system.
-p  Prefix [Required] Specifies the prefix of the file which constructs AHPDFXML.
-password  Password Specifies the password when a user password is set to PDF or if a password is required for printing. The password must be 32 bytes or less.
-piece Splits the run element (ahp:run) into single characters with coordinate information.
If this condition is set, each character will be outputted separately.
-cid Specifies the character ID of a character code.
The character ID is used to acquire character glyphs from a font file.
-start  Start Page
-end  End Page
Specifies a start page and an end page to output. If a start page is not specified or is less than 0, it will begin converting from the first page. If an end page is not specified or is larger than number of pages, it will convert up to the last page.
-nopicture Specifies that graphics will not be outputted as SVG images.
Note: Embedded images in the original PDF are always outputted regardless of this setting.
-h or -? Briefly explains how to use this product.

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