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Last updated: May 2, 2005


SVG Option

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XSL Formatter V3.2

XSL Formatter V3.3 Beta offers greatly enhanced SVG Output by option, AXF extensions and numerous other enhancements.

XSL Formatter V3.3 Beta testing

XSL Formatter V3.3 Beta is now available providing you with lots of attractive feature in addition to V3.2. We would appreciate it if you could test our new V3.3 Beta; before the release of V3.3. The more feedback you give us now, the better the final version of V3.3 will be. Please download Beta version and send any questions and feedback to support@antennahouse.com.

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta version which means that it is by no means feature complete or intended for normal use. The sole purpose of Beta versions is to test on various systems as we need to get feedback for different hardware.

What's new with V3.3 Beta

  • SVG Output using the new SVG Output Option.
    XSL Formatter V3.3 greatly enhances the display quality of SVG in PDF through a newly developed SVG native output engine.
  • Text and Property search in GUI.
  • Printer marks can now be output. no-LT
  • PDF Annotations can now be output. no-LT
  • The Radii of box corners and box shadows can be specified for borders. no-LT
  • Column setting within the fo:block-container is now available. no-LT
  • The axf:footnote-position property has been extended. This can be used to output marginal notes. no-LT
  • Base 14 fonts can now be embedded in PDF output.
  • Arrangement of footnotes can now be specified by axf:footnote-align and axf:footnote-stacking. no-LT
  • Footnotes duplicated in the same page can now be deleted.
  • Spot color is now supported. no-LT
  • JPEG2000 is now supported.
  • A raster image can now be down sampled.

See also FO sample and PDF sample of the V3.3 Beta new features.

FYI: Functions with no-LT are not supported by XSL Formatter V3.3 Lite. Functions with no-Beta are not implemented with V3.3 Beta but with V3.3.

Antenna House Workflow

XSL Formatter V3.3 can format XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) directly or XML documents by using XSL stylesheets. The output can be directed to PDF or on the Windows version to any Windows supported printer. For the Client Windows version of Formatter the formatted result can also be displayed in Antenna House's GUI.

The following illustrates Formatters workflow:


  1. When an XSL Formatting Object is inputted, XSL Formatter V3.3 Beta formats it immediately.
  2. When an XML document and an XSL stylesheet are inputted, XSL Formatter V3.3 Beta transforms them to XSL Formatting Object using XSLT processor and formats the XSL Formatting Object.
  3. When a WordML document is inputted, XSL Formatter transforms it into XSL Formatting Objects using XSLT processor and formats the XSL Formatting Objects.
  4. When an XML document and the Layout definition file of XSL Report Designer are both inputted, XSL Formatter V3.3 transforms it into XSL Formatting Objects using XSL Report Designer.

System Requirements

Item Contents
Windows version Windows NT4.0/2000/XP
Windows Server2003
Solaris version Sun Solaris 8, 9 (Sparc version)
Linux version RedHat Linux 8, 9
Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3, 4
SuSE Linux 8.1
Turbo Linux 8
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2
Macintosh version Mac OS X 10.3
HP-UX version HP-UX11i v2 (B.11.23) ia64 version


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