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Last updated: Jan 10, 2006
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XSL Formatter V3.4 formats a very very large XML documents/data/forms with high speed

As part of our commitment to offer the best XSL-FO software available Antenna House is proud to release this milestone in the development of Formatter, Version 3.4.

Antenna House XSL Formatter V3.4 offers all the features (GUI, support for over 50 languages, PDF generation), W3C compliance, extensions, the significantly enhanced performance, unlimited document size and SVG support, vector support for EMF and WMF, new output capabilities, MathML native drawing, WordML transformation, XSL Report Designer integration, support for SVG output by SVG Output Option and Web Service Interface to support the use of XSL Formatter via the Internet. In addition V3.4 newly offers PANTONE® color support by PANTONE® Option and numerous other enhancements by AXF extension.

Conforms to XSL V1.0 W3C Recommendation
Antenna House XSL Formatter V3.4 can transform an XML document into XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) by using XSL stylesheets or work directly with an XSL-FO file, format the XSL-FO, and output it to either a PDF file or if on a Windows system directly to a printer.

XSL Formatter V3.4 is based on Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.0 W3C Recommendation 15 October 2001.


High speed

V3 is the fastest XSL formatting software available and is significantly faster then XSL Formatter V2. In batch mode V3 can start to produce PDF output immediately from the inputted XSL-FO file.

Format virtually any size document

With the release of V3 Antenna House Formatter can now format a document of virtually any size whether it is a publication, tens of thousands of invoices, reports or personalized one to one documents. This overcomes the V2 limitation of approximately 4,000 pages in a single document.

PDF output on a server with PDF direct creation module

PDF output is a standard function of V3.4. An unlimited number of users can now convert XML to PDF on a web server by utilizing our PDF direct creation engine. Antenna House has added numerous extensions to provide for document information in the PDF, security, hi-level links, PDF output into multi separate volume and many other functions.

Integration Interface

Antenna House provides Command line interface, .NET interface, COM interface, Java interface and C++/C interface. The various interfaces make for easy system integration of Formatter with web applications, content management systems, and other software products.

The .NET interface and the COM interface are available for Windows only.

SVG output

With the new SVG Output module it is now possible to create SVG 1.1, SVG Basic, and SVG Tiny files using XSL Formatter V3.4. This function requires XSL Formatter SVG Output Option.

Direct Printer output

In Windows version, it's possible to output the formatted result directly to the printer without passing through PDF. It's also possible to get the formatted result and print it immediately by using GUI.

Searching on a screen

On a screen, it's possible to search a sequence of characters or a property in the formatted result.

Web Service Interface

Web Service Interface V1.0 is a new option for Antenna House XSL Formatter Server Licenses to further support the use of XSL Formatter V3 via the Internet using SOAP/HTTP. Web Service Interface lets a client computer send via SOAP an XML file and a stylesheet to an Antenna House XSL Formatter Server License and receive back a PDF document; simply and without the need to undertake an expensive and complicated development effort.

PANTONE® Color Support

XSL Formatter V3 provides the ability for more than 1000 PANTONE® Colors to be converted into RGB or CMYK values automatically by using XSL Formatter PANTONE® Option. Possible to specify the PANTONE® colors for separation color (spot color) simply by putting only the name of the PANTONE® colors in FO.

Table Auto Layout

XSL Formatter V3 supports table-layout="auto." in the XSL-FO specification, which is not supported by many of the formatting software. This function arranges the table layout suitably without specifying the width of a cell. It's suitable for almost all tables which do not require the strict value of the width, and is very convenient. When the formatting speed poses a problem, please specify table-layout="fixed" instead and specify fixed width in all cells.

High quality PDF for SVG, MathML, EMF and WMF

Vector information for SVG, MathML, EMF and WMF is retained in PDF, thus enhancing the quality of output images and meeting the increasing demand for delivery of vectors in the output.

V3.4 makes it possible to draw high-resolution MathML in PDF by using XSL Formatter MathML Option.

Possible to get the .NET native parser output

With the .NET Interface when XSL-FO is generated from XML and XSL using an XSLT processor that transformation can now be passed directly and seamlessly to Formatter without passing it through a temporary file first.

The .NET and the COM interfaces can now also get the DOM directly without passing through a temporary file. This has the effect of slightly improving performance.

Multilingual Language

V3.4 supports almost any language which is supported by Unicode including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hangul, Arabic, Hebrew and Thai. It offers the abilities to write in vertical mode, to run the text from right to left as in Arabic and Hebrew and also to create multilingual documents with language mixtures on the same page and even on the same line.

Possible to hyphenate over 40 or more languages

Multilingual support is further enhanced with the add-on XSL Formatter Hyphenation Option. The Hyphenation Option integrates the very powerful hyphenation algorithms from Computer Hyphenation Ltd., which enhances the quality of hyphenation and greatly simplifies setting up Formatter to hyphenate over 40 different languages.

For additional information please visit Computer Hyphenation's website.

Antenna House Workflow

XSL Formatter V3.4 can format XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) directly or XML documents by using XSL stylesheets. The output can be directed to PDF or on the Windows version to any Windows supported printer. For the Client Windows version of Formatter the formatted result can also be displayed in Antenna House's GUI.

The following illustrates Formatters workflow:


  1. When an XSL Formatting Object is inputted, XSL Formatter V3.4 formats it immediately.
  2. When an XML document and an XSL stylesheet are inputted, XSL Formatter V3.4 transforms them to XSL Formatting Object using XSLT processor and formats the XSL Formatting Object.
  3. When a WordML document is inputted, XSL Formatter transforms it into XSL Formatting Objects using XSLT processor and formats the XSL Formatting Objects.
  4. When an XML document and the Layout definition file of XSL Report Designer are both inputted, XSL Formatter V3.4 transforms it into XSL Formatting Objects using XSL Report Designer.

Maintenance Service Key

When a customer purchases Antenna House XSL Formatter V3.4 they receive a Product Key and a Maintenance Service Key. These keys which are copied into the directory where the evaluation software has been installed removes all restrictions from the evaluation version of XSL Formatter V3.4. Without the Keys Formatter can be used for evaluation purposes only.


For further information, please refer to Q&A Page on our web site.

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