Last updated: April 28, 2008

XSL Formatter Chart Option

XSL Formatter Chart Option is a new option for Antenna House XSL Formatter to further support the graphics of XSL Formatter V4. XSL Formatter Chart Option enables to draw Microsoft® Excel Chart.

  • Provides the ability to draw high quality images as vector without the degradation caused by scaling, etc.
  • The Exel Chart can be specified in FO as a graphic.
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What can Chart Option do?

With the environment where XSL Formatter Chart Option is built, it's possible to draw Microsoft® Excel Chart as a vector image. The target sheet and the chart of the Excel file can be specified for <fo:external-graphic> as follows.

<fo:external-graphic src="MyBook.xls#sheet=2&amp;chart=3"/>

In this example, the third chart in the second sheet is specified. The first sheet is shown as 1, and the first chart is shown as 1. When sheet is not specified, the sheet which contains the first chart is selected. When chart is not specified, the first chart contained in the specified sheet is selected. When neither is specified, the first chart contained in that book is selected. At this time, it is possible to omit the fragment as follows.

<fo:external-graphic src="MyBook.xls"/>

Supports the following version of Excel.


The content-type is "application/".

System requirement

XSL Formatter V4. or later is required. System requirement depends on XSL Formatter.

Pricing and Licensing


Type of license Price
XSL Formatter MathML Option for Standalone $100
XSL Formatter MathML Option for Server $500


  • The license of XSL Formatter V3.2 or later is required to use MathML Option.
  • After getting XSL Formatter V3 a user can purchase MathML Option as an option.
  • XSL Formatter MathML Option is designed to work with XSL Formatter product version. It's not available to use only MathML Option.
  • XSL Formatter MathML Option can run only on a computer that it is installed by a user who is registered. This license does not allow to provide the function of XSL Formatter MathML for other computers directly or indirectly that is accessible to the computer XSL Formatter is installed.

How to buy

You may buy XSL Formatter MathML Option through our Resellers, or direct order to us. See also: Purchasing Assistance.


You can receive maintenance support of MathML Option as far as XSL Formatter has maintenance period or during the 90 day warranty period from the purchase of XSL Formatter.

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