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Q.  Can I output stream PDF made on the server to the Web browser of the client? [No.2002041204]

In the following case, it is possible.

  • Use the COM interface on the ASP application.
  • Use the .NET interface on the ASP.NET application.

Procedure that uses COM interface on ASP application:

  1. Specify "@PDF" to IPrinterName property.
  2. Don't specify OutputFilePath property.
  3. Perform "Response.End" after calling "Execute" method.

Procedure that uses .NET interface on ASP.NET application:

  1. Use the Render method to execute formatting, and specify Response.OutputStream for the second argument.
  2. Specify Response.Clear() and Response.ContentType = "application/pdf" before calling the Render method. And, after calling it, execute Response.End.

Please refer to [.NET Interface]-[PDF Output to the web browser] of the Online Manual for details.

In these ways, a temporary file might be used. Please refer to [Technical Notes]-[Temporary File] of Online Manual for details.

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