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Q.  Does XSL Formatter support Asian language fonts such as Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or Korean (CJK)? [No.2002041206]

When Windows standard CJK fonts are available, XSL Formatter uses these standard CJK fonts as default for each language.

In the "Formatter Options dialog box", click [Language-Fonts], i18n tab.

Following is the normal setting:

language: ja - Japanese

Generic font family setting for the language:
serif: MS Mincho
sans-serif: MS Gothic
cursive: (default)
fantasy: (default)
monospace: MS Mincho

If your setting is different, initialize all the settings of generic font family to default.

Click [Default Fonts] tab in the "formatter Options dialog box".

Check [Reset] generic font family settings to set as default.

Then you can see Asian fonts without specifying font name to the font-family property. e.g.,

<fo:block font-family="serif" xml:lang="ja">
   (Japanese text here)

If you want to specify a font name explicitly, please confirm that the font name is correct. (for example, MS Mincho should have a space, MSMincho is incorrect.) e.g.,

<fo:block font-family="'Times New Roman', 'MS Mincho', Batang, serif">
   (Latin and Japanese and Korean mixed text)

Note: CJK-Unicode is slightly different in character glyph by locales, even if you use the same CJK Unicode. Therefore specify Japanese fonts for Japanese documents, specify Chinese fonts for Chinese documents.

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