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Q.  In order to format multilingual documents, what fonts do I need to specify? If I specify Arial Unicode MS in the FO as the font for the entire document, will that font display correctly in XSL Formatter for all the languages? If not, do I need to specify a different font in the FO for each language in the document. [No.2002101805]

Arial Unicode MS supports almost all of Unicode characters. However, Arial Unicode MS cannot display all the languages correctly.

As CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) have common area in Unicode, it's impossible to distinguish which of CJK character is from the character code. Concerning CJK, you have to specify the specific font name for CJK code point characters. In other words, it is necessary to specify the specific font of the language in order to display the appropriate language as follows.

<fo:block font-family="MingLiU">
    沈下大海的島嶼(Traditional Chinese text)

<fo:block font-family="SimSun">
    ?下大海的??(Simplified Chinese text)

<fo:block font-family="MS Gothic">
    海に沈む島(Japanese text)

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