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Q.  In the FO, I set the rotation direction 90 degrees. When I view in XSL Formatter, the page is landscape oriented correctly, but when I view the PDF using Distiller the page is portrait oriented. Why? [No.2002110102]

It's because Distiller rotates the page direction automatically by judging the text direction so that text can be read.

If all the direction of the pages to be output to PDF is 'portrait' or 'landscape', you can avoid this problem by selecting 'Collectively by File' in 'Auto-Rotated Pages'.

If the page direction is mixed with portrait and landscape, select [Individually] in [Auto-Rotated Pages]. In this case, I suppose Distiller decides the page direction by judging the text direction in a page. Then selects the direction of larger number of text as the direction of the whole text.

Therefore if you put larger number of the text to meet the page direction, you can generate page direction as you like.

BTW, the problem and the way around are only suppositions by Antenna House investigation. The other information (images etc.) may affect this problem. Please understand that this is a part of Distiller's engineering

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