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Q.  When I output a formatted result to PDF using COM Interface or Java Interface, and specify output pass name as URL type, an error occurs. Why? [No.2003020705]

When running this Java, path name of URL is given to OutputFile() method. However, it's not supported to specify URL path as an output destination with XSL Formatter. Then an error occurred and a file cannot be created.

Please specify non-URL path name to OutputFile() method.

e.g. An error will occur with the following path name.

objAXF.OutputFile= "file:H:/ASPTest/TEST/Result.pdf"

Please specify as follows:

objAXF.OutputFile= "H:/ASPTest/TEST/Result.pdf"

In addition, it's supported to specify "file:" type path as an output destination with XSL Formatter V3.

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