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Q.  The text-indent is specified for fo:block that moved by side-float. However, it is not effective. Why? [No.2004040202]

This is correct work of intrusion-displace. When intrusion-displace is not specified (The default value is auto), it is defined in the W3C Recommendation for XSL-FO as follows.

7.18.3 "intrusion-displace"

For a reference-area, this value is treated as if "block" had been specified. For any other area, this value is treated as if "line" had been specified.


The start edge (and end edge) of the block is displaced by the least amount necessary to insure that (a) the start edge (end edge) of the block does not intersect any of the start intrusions (end intrusions) that overlap that block and (b) the amount by which it is displaced is at least as much as the displacement of the parent area, provided the parent is a block-area which is not a referencearea. An intrusion is said to overlap a block if the there is a line parallel to the inline progression direction that intersects the allocation rectangles of both the block and the intrusion.

Therefore, if it is not larger than the value moved by side-float, the indent value specified for fo:block is invalid.

If intrusion-displace="indent" is specified, indent value specified for fo:block is effective.

The start edge (and end edge) of each line within the block area on which the property occurs is displaced (a) by at least the same amount it would be displaced by the "line" value of this property and (b) in addition, by an amount that preserves the relative offset of that start edge (or end edge) with respect to the start edge (or end edge) of any other line displaced by any intrusion that cause the current line to be displaced. If there is more than one intrusion that could cause a displacement of the line, the largest such displacement is used.

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