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Q.  The specified Type1 font is not displayed. [No.2004111501]

When the Type1 font is used in the Windows environment, "WindowsName" usually must be specified for font-family.

When the Type1 font is installed in the Windows environment, the PFM file and the PFB file are installed. WindowsName is one of the values described in this PFM file. However, you cannot read the content of this PFM file with the text editor because of the binary format. Therefore, you will search out the Type1 font that you want to use with the note pad or the Microsoft Word to acquire WindowsName easily from the font list, and copy that font name(WindowsName) and paste it onto font-family.

Please read "Font Setting" of the Online Manual about details of the font.
Please read the item "Adobe Type 1 fonts" described in "Font Setting" of the Online Manual about details of the Type1 font.

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