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Q.  In my FO, space-before was specified for fo:block of the first child of fo:list-item-body. However, space is not generated between previous fo:list-item. [No.2005080501]

This is a correct working. XSL Formatter confirms the following the W3C Recommendation for XSL-FO.

6.8.3 fo:list-item


The block-progression-dimension of the content-rectangle of an area generated by the fo:list-item is just large enough so that the allocation-rectangles of all its child areas are contained in it. In particular, the space-before and space-after of the child areas have no effect on the spacing of the list item. For purposes of the block-stacking constraints the areas generated by fo:list-item are treated as if there they have a fence preceding and a fence following them.

And, If space-before is specified for fo:list-item, it is effective.

<fo:list-item space-after="1.0em">
        <fo:block text-align="end"> 1 </fo:block>
        <fo:block> aaa </fo:block>

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