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Q.  The side float inserted in in-line is not arranged at the position of the same line as the anchor. A float and the next line are horizontally arranged. Why? [No.2005090901]

Your FO is as follows:

<fo:float float="end"><fo:block>Float object</fo:block></fo:float>

In this case, the next line of "Content-1" and "Float object" are horizontally arranged. The start-edge in the vertical direction of float is a position of its line, if there is an anchor in the line start. If other, it is a position of the next line. The reason is that the position is decided in the flow processing of the line in order of "text before float", "float object", and "text after float".

If you change as follows, they are horizontally arranged in the same line.

<fo:float float="end"><fo:block>Float object</fo:block></fo:float>
Content-1 </fo:block>

Moreover, if you see following HTML+CSS with IE, it can be confirmed that it is a similar layout.

   The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
   <div style="float:right; width:2cm; background: yellow">Here is float</div>

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