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Q.  I want to change font-size of each font. [No.2010082002]

For instance, if font-family="Laten-font, Japanese-font" is specified in contents including both English and Japanese, Latin-font is applied in English and the Japanese-font is applied to Japanese. However, there is a case that it wants to enlarge only the fontsize of the Laten character because it looks small the character of Latin font compared with Japanese. In AH FormatterV5.2, if the size is set by using font-size-adjust in the font-config file, the fontsize of the font can be changed.

    <font-folder path="C:\WINDOWS\Fonts">
        <font-entry file="Arial" font-size-adjust="1.5" />

When setting it like this, the text to which the Arial font is applied is output with 1.5 times the fontsize.

However, it is applied to all characters of its font because it specifies it for the font file. It is not possible to apply to a part in FO.

In addition, the baseline can be changed by using baseline-adjust.

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