Archive | April, 2004

XSL Formatter V3.1 MR2

April 26, 2004 Enhancements Speed-up of PDF outputting of Arabic and Hebrew. Bug Fixes When “overflow=”condense” or axf:overflow-condense=”font-size” was specified, it did not work correctly. When reference-orientation was specified, EPS could not be output by Acrobat Distiller. The arrangement of block-container in float was not correct when writing-mode=”rl-tb” was specified. There was case that the […]

XSL Formatter V3.1 MR1

April 2, 2004 Enhancements GB2312 is now supported. Corrected the behavior of white-space-treatment and suppress-at-line-break so that they conform to the newest XSL 1.0Errata and XSL 1.1 WD Specifications. Possible to copy the serial number in the about dialog. Corrections The page number overflowed when page-number-citation was specified. When break-after is specified to the last […]