Archive | January, 2005

XSL Formatter V3.4 MR1

January 31, 2005 Bug Fixes When the page master is changed on the final page, an extra page might be output by specifying margin-*. When region-body becomes small on the final page master, the division position of table in multiple column might not be correct. ENSPACE etc. might not be output. When spot colors of […]

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XSL Formatter V3.2 MR2

January 11, 2005 Enhancements The drawing accuracy of MathML is raised and it’s now possible to modify the operator dictionary. It’s now possible to specify the data scheme to axf:background-image. axf:assumed-page-number and axf:assumed-page-number-prefix are added to the extension properties. An unsolved ref-id in fo:page-number-citation, etc. is now cautioned. The internal leading of a font is […]

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