XSL Formatter V3.3 MR1

August 10, 2005


  1. Linearized PDF is now supported.
  2. rgb-icc, etc. are added to the default-color in the Option Setting File.
  3. Added the function of canselling the PDF output when there is no glyphs with the font.
  4. Area tree is now available to output with the command line by specifying @AreaTree.

Bug Fixes

  1. The height could not be specified if the column function was used in fo:block-container.
  2. When embedding PDF in PDF, the position in the PDF might shift, or might not be displayed.
  3. When a stylesheet was specified to an XML, an error might occur.
  4. A part of the border in a table cell might remain.
  5. When FO that rererred to an image exists in a folder without written permittion, the error message “FATAL: Flate Compression Error” might appear.
  6. A PDF option setting changed by GUI was not reflected when restarting XSL Formatter.
  7. Even though the Latin font was included in the specified font in CJK, it mignt not be adopted.
  8. The hyphenation didn't work when table-layout=”auto” was specified.
  9. When keep-with-previous.within-line=”always” was specified to fo:inline, it might run off the end of line.
  10. The XSLT processor specified by AXF3_XSLT_COMMAND might not be called.
  11. When axf:outline-title was specified, created PS file might not be able to open by Distiller.
  12. A PDF output from the SVG data mignt not be displayed by Acrobat5.
  13. When fo:leader was specified, System Error might occur.
  14. When formatting FO that referred to CGM containing JPEG, and outputting to PDF, RenderPDF::renderPage() might occur.
  15. When the number of the row in a table is large, system error might occur in a certain condition.
  16. When axf:word-break=”break-all” was specified and the line broke at the space position, it might hang-up.
  17. The hyphenation didn't work if letter-spaceing was specified.
  18. When there was fo:inline-container, head-of-line wrapping did not become effective.
  19. The command line options, -picg -picm didn't work.
  20. When the justification was specified, an unnecessary white space might be generated right after fo:inline.