Archive | August, 2007

XSL Formatter V4.2 MR1

August 27, 2007 Bug Fixes The revision bar placed on region-body was displayed on region-before or on region-after. PNG with the color palette of 1 bit, with the transparency specified by tRNS was not displayed correctly. TrueType font in CJK was being embedded regardless whether it was specified or not. Characters in the free text […]

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XSL Formatter V4.2 R1

August 7, 2007 Enhancements Support for Unicode 5.0. Supports surrogate pair characters. Supports pair kernings for European languages. no-LT Supports ligatures for European Possible to change the glyph of Japanese Kanji. no-LT Supports JIS X 0213:2004. no-LT Supports Devanagari scripts. no-LT Supports improved Arabic Typesetting by enhancing the processing of Arabic feature. no-LT Supports […]

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