XSL Formatter V4.2 MR2

September 27, 2007


  1. It's now possible to output TrueType by PSCreator.
  2. Corresponds to the font which does not return the right character width in Windows by changing the acquisition method of the character length.

Bug Fixes

  1. The position of a character with kerning, etc. was not correct when outputting SVG.
  2. Lucida Sans font could not be treated.
  3. A hidden font called Marlett could not be specified.
  4. When embedding fonts and outputting PDF, a system error occurred very rarely.
  5. End user defined characters were not outputted.
  6. The preview image of EPS was not outputted to PDF.
  7. When a long word was hyphened in several positions in a short line, the hyphenation after the second was not correctly done.
  8. When fo:block was in fo:inline and the block went over several pages, the infinite loop occurred.
  9. The processing of <mstyle> was not correct with MathML.