Formatter V5.3 MR5

December 4, 2012


  1. The format of the text field in PDF form and the default value of the text field can now be specified.
  2. An error message will be displayed when a different PDF form with the same field name exists.
  3. A warning message will appear when a character specified within Acroform does not exist in the supported encodings in the PDF specification.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  1. A system error occurred when formatting files.
  2. -ah-overflow-condense:font-stretch; was not processed correctly.
  3. -ah-overflow-condense:font-size did not become effective.
  4. The float was not correctly outputted.
  5. -ah-float-move:keep caused float to overlap text
  6. The bidi processing might be inaccurate when direction:rtl was specified to the inline.
  7. When Arabic was used, page numbers were not put correctly in some html file.
  8. The chapter counter in the footer (chapter No) returned the incorrect result.
  9. Footnotes in the table-footer cell might be arranged inaccurately.
  10. The float influenced the missing content in Linux.
  11. Cross references could not break generated text across lines.
  12. In the block with the maximum width specified, the line overflowed by just the amount of the specified indent.
  13. When a size with % value was specified to margin-box, it might overlap with its neighboring margin-box.
  14. The header was not shown.
  15. The specification of -ah-text-line-color was ignored.
  16. -ah-text-combine might become inaccurate under the influence of inheriting properties, such as text-indent.
  17. The rendering specification of option was changed.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

  1. A system error occurred when formatting files.
  2. A formatting exception occurred when formatting files.
  3. Tables were formatted incorrectly.
  4. The table footer height was not calculated correctly.
  5. The table bottom border disappeared when there was a bottom float.
  6. An auto formatted table incorrectly generated the size of fixed-width cells.
  7. The float was not arranged in the right position.
  8. The float overflowed.
  9. float-move=”keep” did not work correctly.
    float: start before auto-move did not correctly work in vertical writing.
  10. The calculation for the height of FloatArea was incorrect.
  11. The default display of the text field was incorrect.
  12. The default value specified with the check box was not correctly outputted.
  13. A specific character specified as the default setting of the PDF form might be garbled.
  14. When the form field (check box, list box, drops down) with the same field-name existed, the output result was not sometimes correct.
  15. The tooltip was not showing up when form checkbox was hovered over.
  16. axf:letter-spacing-side did not work correctly.
  17. Surrogate pair characters were not outputted when letter-spacing was specified.
  18. The character position of the embedded PDF was incorrect.
  19. An image in the embedded PDF was missing.
  20. A specific Japanese proportional font might be positioned incorrectly in vertical writing mode.
  21. An incorrect font was chosen when a document was formatted.
  22. fo:marker was not outputted.
  23. The marker for running header retrieved on page before reference was rendered.
  24. An unnecessary one-line space was generated in the column document.
  25. The region body overflowed after the spanned block in the multi-column area.
  26. The overflow processing did not function correctly.
  27. An unnecessary space might be generated when there was an empty element.
  28. Lines with break opportunity were not breaking.
  29. The page break position differed between v4 and v6.
  30. Text overlapped when suppress-if-first-on-page was used.
  31. axf:printer-duplex did not function correctly.
  32. The sidenote or footnote content had the incorrect text alignment of “inside” after the page break.
  33. hyphenate=”false” did not work.
  34. The exception dictionary returned an invalid word unexpectedly.
  35. A hyphen appeared as lozenge in the result document.
  36. Within inline-container with reference-orientation=”90″ specified, text might be split, not be formatted correctly.
  37. Some FO file caused the noticeable performance decrease between version 4 and version 5.
  38. right-to-left text did not outputted in the correct direction.
  39. Absolute positioned fo:block-container was not outputted.
  40. Unresolved ID and internal destination errors occurred for existing
  41. The priority order of the border shorthand property was inaccurate.
  42. The formatting result of a superscript or a subscript was not correct.
  43. Characters were not showing correctly in vertical writing document.
  44. The extension property display-align=”justify” was applied to wrong page.
  45. The span=”all” property caused long processing time, overlapping text.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

  1. The page float influenced the position of table cell content.
  2. The float on page caused unrelated table to have different width.
  3. Floated figures overlapped.
  4. float was taking up extra space when text was after the table.
  5. An extra page and ragged columns after the float broke to the next page.
  6. A single line was placed after a rotated table.
  7. The setting of the row width in the table of the column document was not effective.
  8. Hebrew output was incorrect, did not match Word.
  9. The glyph was not displayed correctly when small-caps was applied.
  10. The TOC reference pages broke across lines when the page number format differed between the TOC page and the reference destination page.
  11. The grayscale PNG was rendered incorrectly.
  12. Hyphenation did not work on a specific word.
  13. Absolute positioned fo:block-container was not outputted.
  14. The space between blocks was not collapsed.
  15. axf:punctuation-trim=”all” specified to the footnote was not effective.
  16. The glyph overlapped.


  1. Option settings were not correctly read.
  2. Some characters caused an error when generated with Barcode Generator Option.
  3. Embedded EPS generated errors when generating PostScript output.
  4. The white space might be garbled when printing the PS file outputted by “PostScript Output Option” using PS printer.
  5. Type1 font was not processed correctly with “PostScript output option”.
  6. Character strings in the text field were not correctly outputted.
  7. The processing of the font in PDF form was not sometimes appropriate.
  8. When multiple text fields of a same name exist in one file, the output of the text field was incorrect.
  9. Font-strecthed=”condensed” did not work as expected when creating an area tree xml.
  10. The area tree did not retain PDF bookmarks.
  11. The overflow error message now reports both the physical page number of the document and the relative page of the sequence.
  12. The searching of the tagged PDF did not work correctly.
  13. Distiller PDF output generated lower quality EPS graphics.
  14. Support for preserveAspectRatio in SVG.
  15. SVG did not appear in GUI or output document.
  16. The specification of the double angle quotation marks in Polish was changed.
  17. 2pass caused incorrect last page reference.
  18. The processing of [Error on Missing Glyph] was not correctly determined.
  19. The gray-scale TIFF might be recognized as the color image with PS output.
  20. Calling each URI in a document caused delays and potentially failure to complete the document.
  21. MathML brackets were positioned incorrectly.
  22. When optimization for web display and user password were specified at the same time, “PDFLinearizer error” occurred.
  23. The processing of the printer with the name of 31 or more Byte was inaccurate with AHFDev.exe.