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I18N Index Library V2.3 Release

March 25, 2016 – V2.3R1 Release Enhancements: Supports up to 50 languages General element sorting function Product page:

Formatter V6.3 MR1

March 24, 2016 – V6.3MR1 Release Enhancements: content-type application/x-font-ttf and application/x-font-otf etc. can now be specified for axf:font-face tfoot can now be placed after tbody in the CSS function Values can be specified for columnspacing, rowspacing and framespacing in the MathML function XSL – The following have been improved: able processing float processing Line break […]

PDF Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

AH Formatter implements a combination of FOs and properties from XSL 1.1 plus Antenna House extensions that allow you to use the accessibility features of PDF in the output from AH Formatter. “PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0” is a W3C Working Group Note ( that describes PDF-specific techniques for meeting “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0” […]

Creating Tool Tip Areas in a PDF

The easiest way to achieve this is with an invisible and inactive button. <axf:form-field field-type=”button” field-name=”tooltip1″ field-description=”Paragraph 1. This is the location for the tool tip text. Test.” width=”160mm” height=”20mm” background-color=”#ffffff” field-button-face-down=”​” > Just omit the submit action and add the tool tip text to the field-description. You can then place this using an absolutely […]

MathML Fonts on Linux

AH Formatter supports MathML 3.0 but on Linux ships with a minimal font-config.xml file, so if you are formatting non-trivial MathML on Linux, then you’ll probably need to add some mathematical fonts to your font-config.xml. If counts as trivial because you could do it with “ordinary” fonts, then non-trivial would include anything requiring “stretchy” characters, […]

AH Formatter & Digital Signature

Antenna House does not offer a digital signature module, but recommend that customers look at some of the open source programs available that have similar functionality and can be used to add signatures to the Formatter generated PDFs. JSignPdf (, for example, is very easy to use and is cross-platform as well. There’s also a […]