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CSS: Using page counter in styled footnotes

In order to place some fixed multi-line text together with the current page counter in the footer you’ll need to use a separate div to reference the page number counter from inside the running footer element. Ex: @bottom-left { /*content: element(footer)  ” ” counter(page);*/ content: element(footer); } … div.pageNum { content: counter(page); } … <div […]

How to Retain Links in Embedded PDF

To maintain the link functionality in the embedded pdfs you should specify the import annotations option in a Formatter configuration file.  Try rendering the document with the following configuration. —- config.xml —- <formatter-config> <pdf-settings  import-annotation-types=”All” /> </formatter-config> —- Ex: command line:  ahfcmd -d -o output.pdf -i config.xml -x 4 gui:  ‘Format -> Import Option […]

How to Change MathML Subscript/Superscript Size Limit

The default minimum size of MathML is due to MathML’s ‘scriptminsize’ limit. This prevents super and subscripts becoming smaller than 8pt.  The limit can be removed by wrapping the MathML code in an <mstyle> element with scriptminsize set to 0 or it can be changed in a Formatter configuration file.  Ex: <mml:mstyle scriptminsize=”0pt”> <mml:sub> … Formatter […]