Archive | October, 2016

XSL-FO Reference Book Free Download (German Language Only)

Antenna House is proud to present Manfred Kruger’s XSL-FO Reference Guide for free download. Manfred Krüger has more than 25 years of experience with XML-based, automated systems for processing structured documents. For more than 10 years he has worked with XSL technology in the production of commercial publications and technical documentation across many industries.

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AH Formatter V6.3 MR5 Release

October 20, 2016 – V6.3MR5 Release Correction: FO – The following issues have been corrected: The FO caused a crash due to the incorrect float processing. The float caused unwanted page break. axf:overflow-condense=”font-stretch” didn’t work. CSS – The following issues have been corrected: Even if the invalid value was specified to font-weight, an error message […]

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New Release Web Interface V6.0 R1 for Formatter

14 October 2016 The following enhancements have been made to V6.0 of the Web Interface for Formatter: Linux support xdscmd changed to work similarly to AH Formatter command line client. Option to automatically upload images and media if the input is an FO file. Note: AH Formatter V6.3 R1 or later is necessary for the […]

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