Archive | April, 2017

Formatter V6.4 MR3

April 27, 2017 – V6.4 MR3 Release FO – The following issues have been corrected: The page sequence with ‘end-on-odd’ and two flows generated an extra blank page. CSS – The following issues have been corrected: The block with page break before with child that created a new page sequence incorrectly rendered the first block […]

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AHRTS 1.4 New Release

Enhancements command line ‘version’ option also prints license information command line options print license information if there is a license error (expired, framework not supported) alternate overview and individual report stylesheets (ahrts-report-alt.xsl and ahrts-individual-report-alt.xsl). Overview report has multi-column output and groups the results (fatal errors, missing input files, non-fatal errors, and no errors). Selectable as […]

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