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Formatter V6.4 MR4

June 15, 2017 – V6.4 MR4 Release FO – The following issues have been corrected: An error “fo:flow is not assigned” in 6.4 and in 6.1 the document formats as expected. A footnote caused Formatter to crash. fo:initial-property-set caused fo:change-bar-begin to not be recognized0012369: fo:initial-property-set and float caused block text to be repeated. axf:word-break=”keep-all” caused […]

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Antenna House is very pleased to announce the release of our newest tookit, AHPDFXML Conversion Library, designed to unlock the content from legacy PDFs. AHPDFXML can convert large volumes of PDFs into XML, HTML5, XSL-FO, DocBook, or any other file formats. The AHPDFXML Conversion Library extracts text, tables and images from PDFs and convert them […]

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