Formatter V6.5 MR4

March 29, 2018
– Formatter V6.5 MR4 Release

FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • An overflow occurred when multi-column block container was pushed to the next page. #15963
  • A rotated fo:table-cell overflowed.
  • A crash occurred if axf:overflow-replace text exceeded the size of container and linefeed options were also set. #16214
  • Windows 10 hanged with xml:lang=”zh-CN”.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Sidenotes in list items imposed on flowing text. #16075
  • hanging-punctuation settings led to the extra line width with absolutely positioned blocks. #15655
  • vertical-align was not applied to the table cell with the property -ah-reference-orientation. #16066
  • The order of margin-box rendering changed between versions. #15964
  • -ah-overflow-condense did not work on columns with max-height specified.
  • inline-block :before element crashed if :first-line was defined and it was used in a list within a table. #15995
  • :[first|last]-of-type was not working in the comma separated declaration. #16016


  • Acroform invalid field error. #16020
  • border-style in the previous external graphic was affecting the stroke style in the sibling SVG. #15829
  • A crash occurred if the style property existed in the math element. #15944