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Formatting World Languages

As XSL Formatter is a Unicode application, the languages can be formatted as far as there are suitable fonts installed on your PC. XSL Formatter now supports HAT, CJK. Find amazing potential for multilingual publications!

Solution for Multilingual Publishing by Unicode and XSL (White Paper)

Today, it becomes easy to prepare multilingual documents in XML and Unicode. The layout and style of XML may be easily specified by XSL-FO. XSL Formatter is able to format multilingual XSL-FO documents that contains English, many Western Scripts, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Simplifies Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai scripts.

This is a brief summary of problems in multilingual formatting, and explains how Unicode and XSL is applicable to the multilingual formatting.

This paper is written as XML file and formatted by XSL Formatter, and it is printed to PDF using PDF Output function. This file will be one sample that shows the multilingual function of XSL Formatter.

Multilingual Formatting Examples by XSL Formatter

The formatting results of 39 languages are shown in this sample. The sample includes many alphabets all over the world, Western, Cyrillic, Greek, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), HAT (Hebrew, Arabic, Thai).

This example is prepared as XML document, transformed into XSL-FO, formatted and printed to PDF by XSL Formatter V3.1.

Please remark that you need appropriate font for these 39 languages in order to format them correctly. Especially, the following fonts are specified to CJK examples.

Simplified Chinese SimSun
Traditional Chinese MingLiU
Japanese MS Mincho
Korean Baekmuk Batang
Thai Angsana New

The following are list of 39 languages and language codes.

Language Code Language Language Code Language Language Code Language
ar Arabic el Greek pl Polish
bg Bulgarian he Hebrew pt Portuguese
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) hu Hungarian ro Romanian
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional) is Icelandic ru Russian
hr Croatian id Indonesian sr Serbian
cs Czech it Italian sk Slovak
da Danish ja Japanese sl Slovenian
nl Dutch kk Kazakh es Spanish
en English ko Korean sv Swedish
et Estonian lv Latvian th Thai
fi Finnish lt Lithuanian tr Turkish
fr French no Norwegian uk Ukrainian
de German fa Persian (Farsi) vi Vietnamese

Multilingual Samples

Antenna House XSL Formatter can format any kind of international languages those are supported by Unicode.

This shows a formatting example of multiple languages by Unicode. XSL-FO Sample
This sample shows comparisons of words in English, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean. XSL-FO Sample
This is an Arabic sample. The difference by the font, the transformation of the letterform, and justification by kashida are used. XSL-FO Sample

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