What Can a Regression Testing Tool Do For You?

Regression testing is a leading industry practice. It helps you determine if there have been any changes in your documents or application functionality. Using a smart tool like the Antenna House Regression Testing System is a great way to prevent the introduction of bugs or changes to your system that will have a detrimental effect on your customers.

Don’t let any CMS or process change used to fix one bug introduce others into your system. The Antenna House Regression Testing System compares PDF files and ensures that you’re always moving forward. Selecting this tool will provide you with instant savings through improved efficiency and accuracy, allowing you to get back to running your business.

Regression and Development Testing

Antenna House developed our PDF document comparison tool for in-house testing of every update for our Formatter program. We saw such great success with our document and system management that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Our Regression Testing System will help you determine when any stylesheet changes produce the changes you want as well as any unintended consequences. No other tool can give you the simplicity and fast testing time as the Antenna House Regression Testing System.

Process as many documents and directories as you need, and then jump right into the problem with a single list of pages that contains changes. We’ll help you make sure that your output is still correct every time you make a change to your system, hardware or software.

Accept Documents With Our Tool to Compare PDF Files

The Antenna House Regression Testing System is the perfect solution when you need to accept and verify large batches of documents. You can ensure that there are no changes to your contract beyond a date and signature, so you’re always safe for your agreements.

There’s no tool to compare two PDF files that can provide you with a simpler GUI for identifying and highlighting changes including removed, edited and added text.

The Only Solution for Large Batch Testing

How many people does it take to compare 10,000 documents in less than 10 minutes? You’ll never need to find out when you employ the Antenna House Regression Testing System. It’s the best tool on the market for comparing large numbers of PDF files.

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