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Antenna House Formatter V6

AH Formatter V6 supports page layouts specified using either CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) or XSL – FO (Extensible Stylesheet Language – Formatting Objects) for formatting documents for PDF and print. In addition to the powerful formatting functions by using XSL-FO available with the V4.3,AH Formatter V6.3 has added the ability for formatting HTML and XML with CSS.

AH Formatter V6.3 offers all the features (GUI, support for over 60 languages, PDF generation), W3C compliance, extensions, the significantly enhanced performance, unlimited document size and SVG support, vector support for EMF and WMF, new output capabilities through the new INX Creator Option and CGM Option, MathML native drawing, support for SVG output by SVG Output Option, PANTONE® color support by PANTONE® Option and Web Interface for Formatter to support the use of XSL Formatter via the Internet, the two-pass formatting that makes it possible to format huge documents, high quality EPS embedding in PDF, the enhanced PDF features, AcroForms, PostScript output, and numerous other enhancements by AXF extension. New to AH Formatter is the XPS Output Option that enables the output of XPS (XML Paper Specification) files.

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Antenna House Formatter V6 Lite

AH Formatter V6.3 Lite is a lower priced version for those customers who produce smaller documents (under 300 pages) and don't need all the advanced features of the standard version. Lite offers the same GUI, speed, interfaces and graphic support but for less than one-third of the price. The Standalone and Server versions of Lite fits many of today's production requirements.

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Antenna House Formatter V5

Now all the functions of V5 are available with V6.3. V6.3 offers the capabilities of V5 plus significant enhancements. We strongly recommend upgrading your V5 to V6. If your license is within the maintenance period, the upgrade is available free of charge. Antenna House offers Support for V5 customers. We also accept additional V5 orders for customers who have integrated V5 into their system.

Upgrade to V6.3

Antenna House Formatter V5 Lite

Now all the functions of V5 Lite are available with V6.3 Lite. V6.3 Lite offers the capabilities of V5 Lite plus language support which is supported by Unicode including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hangul, Arabic, Hebrew and Thai. It offers the abilities to write in vertical mode, to run the text from right to left as in Arabic and Hebrew and also to create multilingual documents with language mixtures on the same page and even on the same line.

We strongly recommend upgrading your V5 to V6.Upgrade to V6.3

AH Formatter ADD-on Products

CGM Option

AH Formatter CGM Option is a new option to further support the graphics of AH Formatter V6. AH Formatter CGM Option enables drawing CGM high quality images as vectors without the degradation caused by converting to bitmaps.

INX Option

AH Formatter INX Option is a new option that lets you output XSL-FO as INX so that the resulting pages can then be edited and manipulated with Adobe InDesign.

PostScript® Output

AH Formatter PostScript® Output Option is a new option for AH Formatter V6 that enables the output of PostScript.

XPS Output Option

AH Formatter XPS Option works with AH Formatter and outputs XPS (XML Paper Specification) files.


The PANTONE® Option provides the ability for more than 1000 PANTONE® Colors to be converted into RGB or CMYK values automatically. Possible to specify the PANTONE® colors for separation color (spot color) simply by putting only the name of the PANTONE® colors in FO.

SVG Output Option

AH Formatter V6.3 can produce SVG output compliant to W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 specification. Moreover, it also can output SVG Tiny and SVG Basic in the Mobile SVG Profiles defined by the SVG 1.1 specification.

MathML Option

MathML drawing is now a standard feature of AH Formatter Standard version. MathML Option is provided for the Lite version only. MathML Option enables the drawing of Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 3.0 defined by W3C by utilizing Antenna House originally developed engine. It's possible to draw high resolution images in PDF.
MathPlayer plug-in is no longer required to draw MathML.

Barcode Generator Option

Barcode Generator Option enables you to embed barcodes directly in the document as images.

i18n Index Library V2.2

i18n Index Library V2.2, previously known as the Chinese Sorting Module, is a Java library and stylesheet that addresses the complex problem of making index pages for Traditional and Simplified Chinese. The library also officially support 31 other languages including Japanese and Korean.

Web Interface V5.0 for Formatter

Evaluation Version: Download
Web Interface V5.0 for Formatter (formerly Web Service Interface) is a software to further support the use of AH Formatter V6.3 running on the server via the Internet using SOAP/HTTP. Web Interface V5.0 for Formatter now supports the formatting using CSS in addition to the ability to format XSL-FO easily from the client by supporting AH Formatter V6.3. Web Interface V5.0 for Formatter equips Folder Monitoring Service that will allow you to obtain the conversion result only by throwing a target file into the specified folder and will notify you when the conversion finishes.