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FAQ for Antenna House Regression Testing System

How is our software different from other pdf to pdf compare software? The difference is that the focus of our software is to process large amounts documents in a short period of time and to detect all graphical changes. When trying other software you’ll find that they will give false positives since they look at […]

AHRTS 1.4 New Release

Enhancements command line ‘version’ option also prints license information command line options print license information if there is a license error (expired, framework not supported) alternate overview and individual report stylesheets (ahrts-report-alt.xsl and ahrts-individual-report-alt.xsl). Overview report has multi-column output and groups the results (fatal errors, missing input files, non-fatal errors, and no errors). Selectable as […]

Antenna House Regression Testing System V1.0

Antenna House is very pleased to announce the release of our newest product, Antenna House Regression Testing System. AHRTS is an automated system that compares two PDFs or two images, generated from any source, for visual differences.