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XSL Formatter V3.0 R1

October 1, 2003 The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released Extensible Style sheet Language (XSL) Version1.0 as a W3C Recommendation on 15 October 2001. XSL Formatter V3 is an XSL formatting engine that conforms to XSL V1.0 W3C Recommendation. Building on over 4 years of experience developing XSL-FO software Antenna House has completely written from […]

XSL Formatter V2.5 MR3

September 12, 2003 Bug Fixes When there are footnotes forward and backward of the column document with several pages, the output positions of the footnotes are not correct. When linefeed-treatment=”treat-as-space” is specified for fo:block, linefeed(U+0A) after is deleted. When there is U+200C at the end of the content of fo:block or fo:inline, a lot of […]

XSL Formatter V2.5 Maintenance Release 2

June 19, 2003 Bug Fixes Corrects the bug that existed when the language with unsupported codes are all defined as default code and hyphenated as default language. Corrects the bug that when the footnotes on a two-column page go over to the next page, the page number was not displayed. The magnification setting is changed […]

XSL Formatter V2.5 Maintenance Release 1

May 19, 2003 Bug fixes When the block that has ID referenced by fo:page-number-citation exists within the page master specified as page-position=”last”, was not outputted correctly. When axf:float=”inside” is specified and the float area moves to the start edge, the content of the outside of the float area overlaps the float area. When the height […]

XSL Formatter V2.5 R1

April 30, 2003 Enhancements More than 20 proprietary extensions to provide powerful capabilities not yet supported by the Standard. Enhanced formatting capabilities. Enhanced printing functions. Added performance and functionality in PDF Output Option. Numerous additional improvements and bug fixes. Formatting Function Enhancement It is now possible to specify Base-URI from external reference by adding ‘-base […]