Mailing List

Who can join the mailing list?

AH Formatter Mailing list is provided by Antenna House, Inc., as a service to all the AH Formatter registered users and XSL Report Designer. This is the Mailing list for the discussion of AH Formatter, XSL Report Designer and any questions or comments pertaining to XSL-FO.

To subscribe to the AH Formatter Mailing list (language: English), please send mail to with the subject line “Subscribe Formatter ML”, and enter the serial No. of your license as a body of your message.

There is a possibility that the mail may not reach us. If you do not get a reply within about a week, please resend the message.

Before you post

1. A message with attachments will bounce.
2. A message over 128KB will bounce.
3. A message with inappropriate contents may be deleted.
4. Subscribers who make a public nuisance repeatedly may be forced to be unsubscribed from the mailing list.
5. We have a plan to disclose the posted messages on the Web in the future.
* Mail addresses in the mail headers will be hidden.
* Messages are not edited in principle.
* A message with inappropriate contents may be deleted from the archive without disclosing.