Last updated: Jan 9, 2007

XSL Formatter V4.1 – New Features

XSL Formatter V4.1 released on Dec 6, 2006.

XSL Formatter V4.1 provides you with lots of attractive features in addition to V4.0 as follows.

Corrected the following bugs

  1. A different image turned into the same image in PDF.
  2. When a big image etc. was sent to the following page without fitting in a column in a three-column document, the 2nd column overlapped with the 1st column without being arranged correctly.
  3. WMF was not outputted to PDF.
  4. PS file could not be created by PS printer driver with the Java interface.
  5. The specified external character was not embedded in PDF.
  6. XSL Formatter hanged up when processing suppress-duplicate-page-number.
  7. table-cell was be sent to the following page.
  8. The contents of the marker was displayed on the page which was not specified.
  9. A tagged PDF was not created with the command line.
  10. When there was a table on which only a header portion was settled in a page in the column after span="all", it overflowed.
  11. Unnecessary fo:marker was displayed by fo:retrieve-table-marker.
  12. When the font size was extremely small, it showed no reaction.
  13. If the non-existent path was specified by addOptionFileURI of the Java interface, XSL Formatter hanged up.
  14. The column did not break in block-container where column-count which was in the descendant of block-container in absolute-position was specified.
  15. Could not access a file with the file name which was not expressed by the system locale.
  16. The sigma notation was not displayed correctly in MathML.
  17. When the overscript element in <mrow> was a <mrow> element that contains only a sole <mo> element, it was not drawn correctly in MathML.
  18. The stretch processing of the embllished element other than <mo> was inaccurate and the size of a specific character differed in MathML.
  19. Segmentation faults were caused intermittently with the evaluation versions of Solaris, etc.
  20. Some server was unable to refer to an image via HTTP.
  21. Failed to execute Java on AIX sometimes.
  22. axf:suppress-duplicate-page-number="true" was not processed correctly when writing-mode="rl-tb" was specified.

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