Last updated: Aug 7, 2007

XSL Formatter V4.2 – New Features

XSL Formatter V4.2 released on Aug 7, 2007.

XSL Formatter V4.2 provides you with lots of attractive features in addition to V4.1 as follows.

Corrected the following bugs

  1. The attribute of overflow="hidden" was not outputted when outputting the area tree.
  2. When script-font script="Latn" was specified inside the configuration file, the Latin script specified in FO was disregarded.
  3. When there was an empty fo:wrapper with id setting in the head of the block and the block with span="all" followed that block, unnecessary column break occurred in the column document.
  4. In the three column document, the page overflowed without braking the second column when the block with span="all" continued after the column.
  5. When more than one number-rows-spanned were specified to table-cell and the page broke with the another table-cell, the height of the table became short though the content of the table-cell fitted within the page.
  6. When font-size="0" was specified in MathML, the next block was not displayed correctly.
  7. Japanese punctuation trimming was applied to characters other than full width.
  8. When axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" was specified, the amount of the stretch was too large.
  9. text-align="." did not work.
  10. The area tree could not be specified with the command line.
  11. When there was a column document which did not fit in one page and it follows after the block with span="all" and the page broke, the page number was not displayed correctly.
  12. axf:base-uri might not be reflected correctly to PDF.
  13. Some CGM could not be displayed.
  14. When fo:marker was specified near fo:leader, it was not processed correctly in Arabic.

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