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Edit complex XML document easily

Antenna House XML Editor V3.2 combines two tools. One is XML Editor, an editor required to edit XML documents. It makes easier to edit structural XML document by displaying each element in the tree. Easy-to-use functions such as a quick menu and a input assist tool also helps strongly for editing your document. Moreover, view mode can be switched for the need such as making XML document with the text display.
Table editor that makes and edits table easily is equipped with. Just like the operation of the spreadsheet, the table can be inserted into the document and an existing table can be edited. It is also possible to take the table of MS-Excel file in the editing document.

The other is XML Parser, a parser application. It is Antenna House originality development and verifies if the XML document and DTD under the edit is correct by comparing with the XML specification. The operation option of correspondence to the object file and the name space etc. can be set, and the document can be checked by an easy operation.

Updated version released! Please refer to news for details.


Supports a wide variety of character encodings

This product is compatible with various character encodings which are essential in XML document editing. A supported character encoding will be automatically detected when the file is opened. You can also specify the character encoding for reading or writing files. Line feed codes and endians are also automatically detected.
Supported character encodings

Supports the display of Unicode

This product supports the display of Unicode character. All characters of Unicode can be displayed as long as the font is appropriate. Because Unicode character in the contents of editing document can be input and output to the screen as the code of Unicode, it is possible to edit it with correctly displaying the language, such as not only English, Japanese but also Chinese (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) and the language of main Western Europe.

Easy Tagging in XML View
Three view mode make editing more efficient. You can switch to: Text View which you can use as a text editor, Browser View from Text View to display the document in a format as it will be shown in a browser, or XML View. In XML view, the following functions make it easier to edit your document.
  • you can edit an XML document while viewing it in a tree structure.
  • You can edit XML documents efficiently by collapsing or expanding the tree, or deleting a whole branch.
  • You can copy or move elements with a drag and drop operation in the Outline pane, where only elements are displayed in a tree structure.
  • Flexible tagging features allow you to insert elements to enclose a selected range, replace elements or delete element tags for a selected range.
  • Enhanced markup functions allows you to change the case of tages, convert elements to text, convert entity references to symbols or vice versa.
  • QuickCheck feature performs a fast check on the pairing and nesting of tags.
Quick Menu

Quick menus for XHTML and XSLT are included as standards. You can insert several pre-registered tags easily with just one menu selection, or auto-tagging to any selected range by pattern of text in the range. Quick menu can be customized based on DTD of your choice.

Input Assist Feature
Three tool palettes assist you with input.
  1. The Input Assist Palette displays all tags and their attributes in a list which you can navigate to select your input. If DTD is specified, you can narrow down elements which can be inserted at the cursor point according to context.
  2. Using the DTD tree feature, you can select elements to enter by referring to the tree.
  3. With the XSLT/XPath Input Assist Palette, you can edit stylesheets easily.
Edit Assist Tools
The strong tool that supports the edit of the document can be used by synchronizing.
  • You can start XML Parser or other parser programs, to check tag nesting and the pairing of the start and the end tags easily while editing a document. If Antenna House XML Parser is installed, you can also use the parser check function. Consistency of the encoding specified in the XML declaration and actual encoding used is automatically checked. In the parser, you can use Tag Jump function to jump from the Error Message screen in a parser to the actual tags in the document.
  • You can load an existing table into Table Editor, and edit the table with features similar to spreadsheet applications.
  • Using an XML document being edited as source, you can start an XSLT processor for XSLT processing.
Document information keeps you informed
The status bar displays the character encoding, the line break code, and the character code of the character at the cursor position. From many aspects such as setting the colors to distinguish single- and double-byte spaces, it supports you to edit your document easily.
Customizing the key assignment
You can use the keyboard operations of your regular editor. In addition to customizing the standard key assignment, you can also define key mapping for two-stroke keyboard operations.

System Requirement

Windows 2000 SP4 or later
XP SP1 or later
Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate

*To install the Product on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, you need to log in using the User ID authorized as Administrator.

Price and Order


Antenna House XML Editor V3.2 US$48.00 for 1 CPU

How to order

Step1Download Order Form (PDF format) and fill it.
Step2Fax to: +1-202-318-0323 (U.S.A.).


Maintenance support is not provided for the Trial version. Technical support is provided through the web page of "XML Editor Q&A" as a general rule.

The user who purchased and registered Antenna House XML Editor is provided the following.

  1. User can download free of charge the latest version which serious bug is fixed.
  2. User can purchase the upgrade version at discounted price.

Bug Report

Please feel free to send us any bug reports for XML Editor with the following information .
When reporting suspected bugs and errors, the attachment of sample data to your email would be appreciated.

  1. Your Name (Company name)
  2. Serial number of the product
  3. Name and version of the product
  4. Details of the bug

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