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Input Assist Tools

XML Editor V3.2 has three types of input assist tools. Input Assist Palette displays the list of elements and attributes, and can narrow down the elements that can be input according to context. Input Quick Tag can easily insert the element and the attribute only with the keyboard. The DTD Tree is a function to assist input of elements and attributes from the tree presentation of specified DTD.
Stylesheet can also be easily edited with XSLT/XPath input palette.

Input Assist Palette

With the Input Assist Palette, you can designate a DTD file, narrow down elements from a list to those that can be input according to context, and insert elements. You can also specify that only elements in DTD can be inserted.
Additionally, even without DTD, you can input element name directly from edit box. Elements and attributes you used in a document may be saved in Input Assist Definition file, and you may use the definition file to create another XML documents.

Using DTD

The element list of the specified DTD file is displayed, and it navigates you to insert or change element easily.

Working with the {Use DTD file} option - Fig. D

Not using DTD

You will work an input assist definition file instead of a DTD file. With this option, you can load an existing XML document, and import its elements and attributes into the Input Assist Palette. You can save this as an input assist definition file for use in editing.
It is very conveninet when you do not have the appropriate DTD file for the document you want to edit, or the DTD file contains only a limited selection of the elements. Elements and attributes can be added or deleted.

Working without DTD

Input Quick Tag

Input Quick Tag can insert the tag easily by using keyboard. Move the cursor to the position in which you want to input tag, and push Ctrl + Space keys. (The Space key is pushed while pushing the Ctrl key). Then, the element name list that can be input at that time is displayed.

Quick Tag

DTD Tree

You can insert elements while viewing the DTD tree. You can specify actions during Insert Element operation.

How to insert element from the DTD tree

XSLT/XPath Input Palette

The XSLT/X Input Palette assists you with the input of various syntax elements such as XSLT/XPath functions and operands. Setting files, which describes the settings for text you can enter in the XSLT/XPath Input Palette, is loaded and displayed. Setting files are described in XML, and can be edited using a text editor. Depending on the content, it can not only be set up to assist you with XSLT/XPath input but also to enable you to input your own text.

XSLT/XPath Input Palette

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