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Quick Menu

Quick Menu helps you to input tags more efficiently by providing pre-defined tags in various menu items. You can create or edit customized QuickMenu using the QuickMenu Customizer.

Attached quick menus

XML Editor V3.2 includes as standard attachments, "default.qmx" created based on XHTML 1.0 Transitional DTD and "xslt.qmx" created based on XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.1 released by W3C in November 1999.

Quick Menu for defautl.qmx
Quick Menu for XSLT.qmx

You can use these attachments to customize the QuickMenu, or create an entirely new one along with DTD that you want to use by using the QuickMenu Customizer.

QuickMenu Processes

The QuickMenu performs the following four processes:

  1. Insert Tags;
    By clicking the menu item name of a quick menu, the tag defined in the menu item is inserted in the document.
  2. Tag enclosure;
    Select a range which you want to enclose by tags, and click on a menu item in the QuickMenu. The selected range will be enclosed by the element tags defined for the selected menu item.
  3. Auto-tagging;
    Defined tags are inserted automatically into a selected range. Using this process, a group of text may be tagged as a line, or a range containing tab-separated lines may be tagged as a table.
  4. Update attributes;
    You can specify certain attributes of a particular element to be updated with specify attribute values. If you specified an element here, be sure to set at least one attribute to the element. Alignments and font styles which are likely be set as attributes may be defined, and updated with such defined attributes.

*Available processes vary depending on whether you are in Text View mode or XML View mode, whether or not a range is selected, where the cursor is located, and how these processes are defined.

Quick Menu Customizer

Quick Menu Customizer is a stand-alone application with which you can customize the Quick menu functions of XML Editor V3.2.

Main Window

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