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No.2010082005   I installed AH FormatterV5.2 or the maintenance release. And, I am using the same license key as V5.0. However, it works as an evaluation version. Why?
No.2010082002   I want to change font-size of each font.
No.2010082001   Can I customize the tag name of Tagged-PDF?
No.2009063001   The license error occurs if interfaces other than GUI are used with the standalone license of AH Formatter V5.0.
No.2009032304   The number of characters of one line is different in XSL FormatterV4 and AH Formatter.
No.2009032303   I used axf:kerning-mode="contextual" and axf:punctuation-trim="both" with XSL FormatterV4. However, when using it with AH Formatter, I see "Obsoleted property value" error.
No.2009032302   Which version can I use for the Java VM version with AH Formatter?
No.2009032301   Can the area tree output with XSL Formatter be used as an input file of AH Formatter?
No.2008120501   I specified space-before for fo:block of the top of the page. I thought that this space was invalid according to space-before.conditionality="discard". However, it is effective. Why?
No.2008112701   PDF file is specified for a background in my FO. However, when PDF is output, I see the error message "PDF import function is not supported in pattern definition".
No.2008022001   I used the Java interface of XSLFormatter with JavaVM+Tomcat. And, I see the error happen. Why?
No.2007042702   I used axf:suppress-duplicate-page-number="true" on the index page to delete the duplicated page number. However, the line breaks after the leader (before the page number).
No.2007042701   I specified border-after-precedence="force" for the table. However, it seems not to work. Why?
No.2007041204   Which version of JavaVM can I use?
No.2007041202   I generated PDF with the use of XSL Formatter from FO where the GIF image was included. And, when this PDF was printed by using Acrobat, the following error was printed. ERROR: ioerror OFFENDING COMMAND: image STACK -dictionary- -savelevel-
No.2007041201   When I make the PS file with PS printer driver, CMYK is not reflected in the result.
No.2006100601   I used XSL Formatter for Solaris, but the following errors occur. ld.so.1: /tools/AntennaHouse/opt/ANTHaxfov3/bin/XSLCmd: fatal: relocation error: file /tools/AntennaHouse/opt/ANTHaxfov3/lib/libXfoCommon.so.3: symbol __floorf: referenced symbol not found
No.2006032401   When PDF made with XSL Formatter is displayed by using Adobe Acrobat(Reader), display of page number on window bottom is "1(1/9) i(2/9) ii(3/9)". Why?
No.2005093001   When I use XML+XSL, some extra blanks are output. Why?
No.2005090901   The side float inserted in in-line is not arranged at the position of the same line as the anchor. A float and the next line are horizontally arranged. Why?
No.2005082601   I specified margin-left="0pt" for fo:block enclosed with border. However, its result is not the same as fo:block for which margin-left is not specified. Why?
No.2005081901   Can "PDF that has been optimized for fast web view" be generated by using XSL Formatter?
No.2005081202   How does XSL Formatter process a graphic size when the value is specified for content-height and content-width and scaling property value is "uniform"?
No.2005081201   When outputting it to PDF, I want to use K(CMYK) for a black color string. How should I specify it?
No.2005080502   space-before specified for fo:block doesn't work. Only span="all" is specified for previous fo:block.
No.2005080501   In my FO, space-before was specified for fo:block of the first child of fo:list-item-body. However, space is not generated between previous fo:list-item.
No.2005072902   I am using the COM interface. If I have a XfoSettings.xml that has a setting such as "no-changing" set to true, then in the code, I set the PdfNoChanging property to false, which takes precedence?
No.2005072901   I am generating PDF files from XML content of be printed and bound. The printer needs all of the fonts embedded including the Base 14 fonts to be embedded to process properly. Is this possible?
No.2005071502   Is it possible to specify the method to downsampling when the raster image is output to PDF?
No.2005071501   When does XSL Formatter read font-config.xml on ASP? Even if the content of the font-config file is changed, it is not reflected in operation.
No.2005070803   I specified baseline-shift="super" in fo:list-item-label. Not only the label but also the body is superscript.
No.2005070802   Can I use the spot color?
No.2005070801   Is it possible that two or more footnotes on the page refer to one footnote?
No.2005070103   I need the marginal note. Is there only a way that uses fo:float? And, Can the footnote position be aligned?
No.2005070102   I want to insert a partial multi column in the page. Is it possible?
No.2005070101   Can the radius of the corner in the box be specified?
No.2005062405   Can I output "Note Tool" and "Stamps" to PDF?
No.2005062404   I want to output Printer Marks.
No.2005062403   Does XSL Formatter GUI have the search function?
No.2005062402   Can I output SVG?
No.2005062401   The long word breaks in the point that is not end of line.
No.2005061001   I specified keep-with-next.within-page="always" for fo:block, but the page broke during the following description "xxxxx ...". Why isn't the specification keep-with-next.within-page effective? <fo:block keep-with-next.within-page="always"> <fo:block >xxxxx ...</fo:block> </fo:block> <fo:block > <fo:block >yyyyy ...</fo:block> </fo:block>
No.2005060302   The formatted result had pushed out of the page (A4 size) when I formatted the JPEG file (386 x 386 Pixels; 22dpi) with XSL Formatter V3.2. This phenomenon is not caused in XSL Formatter V2.5. What should I do to obtain a similar formatted result to the one generated by XSL Formatter V2.5? My code is as follows: <fo:external-graphic src="xxx.jpg" />
No.2005052702   How does XSL Formatter treat the properties if "" (null) or " " (only space value) is specified for them.
No.2005052701   When I specified a image as follows, it created a thin white strip on the top of the image. How should I specify it? <fo:block-container position="fixed" top="0" left="0" height="AAApx" width="BBBpx" background-color="white"> <fo:block> <fo:external-graphic src="test.jpg" scaling="non-uniform" content-height="AAApx" content-width="BBBpx" /> </fo:block> </fo:block-container>
No.2005052002   What PDF files does XSL Formatter output when the description of rgb-icc and nondescription exit together in one fo:block.
No.2005052001   When I format a FO file where there are FO elements enclosed by elements of an orginally defined namespace, XSL Formatter ignores those FO elements.
No.2005051303   When we format SVG files which have embedded fonts in the environment without the fonts, those fonts are substituted for other fonts in the formatted result.
No.2005042803   I want to display "print setting Dialog" in the Web application.
No.2005042802   What should I do to print directly from the ASP program using the COM interface?
No.2005042801   Is it possible to draw a wavy line or a broken line under character strings?
No.2005042202   Is it possible for us to rotate the image to any degrees of angle like 30, 45 etc. with reference-orientation?
No.2005042201   Is the .NET Interface of XSL Formatter able to run under a Mono environment?
No.2005041502   When I format the following code and this formatted result cannot be put in one line, I want to set the break points of the lines 10mm inside from the end edge other than the last line. <fo:block text-align-last="justify" > XML and XSL-FO to PDF with High Quality SVG, MathML and Multilingual Support for over 50 Languages <fo:leader leader-pattern="dots"/> <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="xxxxx"/> </fo:block>
No.2005041501   The cell usually expands below when the character in the cell increases. Can I make the cell extend up?
No.2005040802   Is it possible for XSL Formatter to process two or more FO documents concurrently?
No.2005040801   When the table cell with an attribute display-align="center" breaks because of a page break, the text in the cell is not arranged at the center of the entire cell.
No.2005040102   I use a large table in a multi column. Since I want to show the borders of the adjoined table like one border when the table extends over two or more columns, I specified column-gap="0mm" for fo:block-container, but it does not go well.
No.2005040101   Why does the formatting with GUI stop at 3000 pages?
No.2005032502   Where is the code specified for script described?
No.2005032501   I specified padding-before="xx%" as follows because I thought that the value of padding-before became a ratio to the height of fo:table-cell, however the result seems to be different from my forecast. How does XSL Formatter calculate it? <fo:table-body> <fo:table-row> <fo:table-cell padding-before="1%"> <fo:block>...
No.2005031802   I want to use other leader-pattern.
No.2005031801   I specified start-indent="5cm" for fo:flow, and specified start-indent="0cm" and margin-left="1cm" for fo:block in fo:float in my code as follows: <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body" start-indent="5cm" ...> <fo:float float="start"> <fo:block start-indent="0cm" margin-left="1cm"> <fo:block>XSL Formatter</fo:block> </fo:block> </fo:float> I expected that I could get the indent of 1cm because I thought start-indent="0cm" in fo:block made the 5cm value of start-indent in fo:flow to "0cm" and only margin-left="1cm" in fo:block would join the result and the value of the indent became 1cm as a result. However, the formatted result on XSL Formatter is 6cm indent. How should I calculate it?
No.2005031102   I want to draw the diagonal border in the area such as the table cell, but I cannot any properties realizing it in the W3C Recommendation.
No.2005030402   Can I use GUI in the Macintosh version of XSL Formatter?
No.2005030401   How can I format the WordML document?
No.2005022502   Can I use the PDF file as a background on the page?
No.2005022501   Can I embed the PDF file in the other PDF file?
No.2005021802   Can I acquire the total number of formatted pages after printing or outputting PDF files? (I don't use GUI.)
No.2005021801   When I specify margin-top, margin-left, margin-right, space-before, start-indent and end-indent for fo:block-container as follows, how does XSL Formatter operate? <fo:block-container margin-top="xxx" margin-left="yyy" margin-right="zzz" space-before="aaa" start-indent="bbb" end-indent="ccc">
No.2005020402   When the raster image rotated by the reference-orientation is printed directly from XSL Formatter, the aspect ratio of the image is not correct. There is no problem on the display with GUI and output PDF file.
No.2005020401   Japanese punctuation marks that I specified with fo:inline have protruded outside the cell.
No.2005012803   When I specify the SVG graphics with a width of 400 px and a height of 800 px in the FO file like <fo:external-graphic src="xxx.svg" />, how is the size of this SVG graphics calculated in the PDF file?
No.2005012802   The last two lines are sent to the next page though there is room in the final line on the page.
No.2005012801   I output the SVG graphics created in Adobe Illustrator that used the ArialNarrow-Bold font to PDF. However the PDF displays regular ArialMT instead of ArialNarrow-Bold.
No.2005012103   The symbol specified in MathML is not displayed in the formatted result.
No.2005012102   The position of parentheses is different in MathML when parentheses are enclosed with the mtext element and when parentheses are enclosed with the mo element. Is it the specification?
No.2005011402   I specified the fontsize of less than 8pt in MathML, but the specification was not reflected.
No.2005011401   I specified axf:punctuation-spacing="0.5em" for fo:root. Then, this value was not calculated by font-size of the text area, but calculated by font-size of fo:root. Is this a specification?
No.2004122402   Can I individually set the margin to each column when I make a three-column page?
No.2004122401   What value should I specify for the height of the fo:table-row?
No.2004121702   Can I acquire XSL-FO documents on the XSL Formatter Command Line Interface?
No.2004121003   I want to force the last page in fo:page-sequence to be an even-page.
No.2004121002   Can I acquire the "area tree" by using interfaces other than the XSL Formatter GUI?
No.2004121001   I specified writing-mode="tb-rl" for fo:block, but it doesn't become effective. Why?
No.2004111602   The resulting PDF that has something encoded within that requires a Japanese character set to be downloaded and installed though we don't set Japanese fonts.
No.2004111601   The error "These documents contain subset fonts that have the same name and cannot be merged." occurs when merging some PDF files with Acrobat4.x or Acrobat5.x.
No.2004111502   The specification of the Futura font is not reflected in the result.
No.2004111501   The specified Type1 font is not displayed.
No.2004102603   I specified text-align=<string> for fo:table-cell. However, it is applied only to the first block when there are many block in table-cell.
No.2004092901   I hope to speed up the table formatting. Is it possible?
No.2004071201   Is there any approach of upgrading the quality of image of this raster image, when embedding in PDF the vector image which XSL Formatter transforms into the raster image.
No.2004061502   What should I do to put the watermark in the page?
No.2004061501   When the table of width that is bigger than the width of the page overflows, is the overflowed area output to another page?
No.2004060107   Does processing work correctly at the access demand simultaneously from many Web client?
No.2004060106   What happens to the access demand from many Web clients at the same time?
No.2004060104   Can I convert data directly from the data base into the stream?
No.2004060103   Can I arrange the text in surroundings of the object with the position absolutely (it looked like side-float)?
No.2004051901   Can I have the .NET interface work with Windows SharePoint Services?
No.2004051101   When I open PDF with Adobe Acrobat 5.0, the bold character is not displayed.
No.2004050602   I specified width="100%" for the nested table. However, the width of an inside table doesn't extend up to the width of the cell, and there is space in the right side. Why?
No.2004050601   When I specify "0" for <length> of the property value, the error occurs. Why?
No.2004042802   The error of "4006:PDF Output Error. 3025:Font embedding fails because of license restriction." is output, and PDF is not generated.
No.2004042801   The error of "1835: Unknown or unsupported encoding" is output with XSL Formatter , and processing stops. Why?
No.2004042702   I specified break-after="page" for fo:block of the child of fo:table-cell. However, the page doesn't break. Why?
No.2004040202   The text-indent is specified for fo:block that moved by side-float. However, it is not effective. Why?
No.2004040201   When I specified width and padding-left for fo:inline, the width of the fo:inline was a value of width + padding-left. Why is the output result different from Internet Explorer 6?
No.2004032510   I specified negative value for space-before. However, the block doesn't overlap. Why?
No.2004032509   I specified keep-with-next.within-page="always". However, the page breaks between the next block. Why?
No.2004032508   The margin is specified for fo:block, and, in addition, margin is specified for the child's fo:table. However, margin of parents' fo:block doesn't influence fo:table. Why?
No.2004032504   When I format FO that uses fo:marker, the following errors appear. 2E03:Unexpected FO 'fo:marker' after 'fo:#text' in 'fo:block'.
No.2004032501   I specified linefeed-treatment="treat-as-space" and white-space-treatment="ignore". However, linefeed is output as white space.
No.2003111704   Is it possible to start the page number from 0 by setting to <fo:page-number/>.
No.2003111703   Does the full width white space become a adjustment target for text-align="justify"?
No.2003111701   When there is the following description in the XML file, is the CSS effective? <?xml-stylesheet href="xxx.css" type="text/css"?>
No.2003101601   I set white-space-collapse="false" with fo:block such as: <fo:block white-space-collapse="false">&#x0020;</fo:block>. But XSL Formatter does not insert blank line, and deletes white spaces (U+0020) at the start of paragraph. How can I generate a blank line or retain white spaces at the start of a paragraph?
No.2003090507   Can I embed ps-command in a PostScript file when creating a PostScript file using a PostScript printer driver?
No.2003090501   Does <fo:block/> become a blank line?
No.2003082203   I specified content-width="scale-to-fit" to fo:external-graphic. However the size of the image xdid not change. Why?
No.2003082202   Is it possible to specify the same function of Logging(Silent Mode) at the File Option etc. tab of Format Options in GUI by using command line interface or COM interface.
No.2003081503   I specified start-indent="0pt" to a child element of fo:block-container, and fo:block-container is a child element of fo:list-item-body.
No.2003081501   When the border width property is not specified, the width of border is different in FOP and XSL Formatter.
No.2003070401   Can the bookmark of PDF be generated with the page number?
No.2003061302   I specified Acrobat Distiller as a printer using Command line Interface. Then PS file was created although PDF file was expected to be outputted. How can I create PDF file?
No.2003061301   I want to output PDF by dividing a big document. And, can it have the link and the bookmark to which divided PDFs refer mutually?
No.2003052303   For instance, when empty fo:wrapper written like <fo:wrapper id="target" /> is referred from fo:page-number-citation, the page number is not displayed.
No.2003051606   How can I pick up the content from the current page and put into that page's header or footer?
No.2003051604   How can I convert the text into the upper case and the lower case?
No.2003051603   When xsl:script is used in XSLT Style Sheet, it becomes an error.
No.2003051601   I installed ActiveCGM to use CGM Image formatting. However, the image is not displayed.
No.2003050901   I specified "widows" and "orphans" property, but it is not effective.
No.2003040402   Can I find text using regular expressions or some other form of programming?
No.2003031401   I would like to break pages or break columns at my desired position intentionally. How can I do?
No.2003030702   Rendering PDF seems to be quite slow even when using moderately sized images (pictures). I'm guessing that images somehow are "re-rendered" when generating PDF. Is there any way to speed up PDF rendering for images? What settings can I use, differences between image file formats, etc.?
No.2003021405   I want to change the width of region-body in the middle of page sequence by using some page layouts. How ever, the body width doesn't change. Why?
No.2003021403   When I try to change the number of column by specifying to page sequence, the number of the column changes OK, however, the real width of the column doesn't change after the first page. Why?
No.2003020705   When I output a formatted result to PDF using COM Interface or Java Interface, and specify output pass name as URL type, an error occurs. Why?
No.2003020704   We have downloaded the Evaluation version (for windows) and are currently performing some tests. Are there any limitations on this version compared with the version that we will use when developing real customer applications?
No.2003020702   Can we create our own FO-extensions for XSL Formatter?
No.2003013105   Is it possible to embed the date of formatting to the formatted output?
No.2003011705   When I put fo:inline inside the table cell, The table cell exceeds the right side of the page. What's wrong?
No.2003011702   I describe the data of MathML directly in XSL-FO. However nothing appears. What's wrong?
No.2003011701   I would like to set the position of top, bottom, right and left by specifying the absolute-position="absolute" to fo:block-container. From which position of the distance do I specify the value for each?
No.2003011006   I want to rotate the whole string by specifying reference-orientation="270" to the block-container in the table-cell. However only the character rotates. Why?
No.2003011004   Is it possible to specify the order of Katakana numbering to ordered list?
No.2003011002   Is it possible to move the whole list-block to center or right side?
No.2003011001   When the table is too big to fit into one page, is it possible not to view the header on next page?
No.2002122002   Would it be possible for the XSL Formatter to not output to PostScript special characters that are not supported in the bookmarks?
No.2002122001   Do you have any Antenna House extensions that allow me to specify Title, Author and other metadata in a PDF document that I generate using XSL Formatter with PDF output?
No.2002120607   Can I place a number for every page that shows the count of a certain number of elements on that page only automatically?
No.2002112902   In the page sequence master, I specified page-position="first", page-position="rest" and page-position="any" to fo:conditional-page-master-reference for each. However, in the last page, fo:conditional-page-master-reference with page-osition="rest" is not applied. Why?
No.2002112205   When formatting an English document with XSL Formatter and FOP having the same font name, font size and line height specified. The value of the line height is different in both applications. Why?
No.2002111508   Why was the text indented though I didn't spcify any indent property to a block-container? Why it appeared as I didn't expected?
No.2002111504   In the text mixed with Hebrew and numbers, the parent's path is even (level 0) so my interpretation is that Hebrew is at level 1 and the numbers should be at level 2 in BIDI algorithm. Is that right?
No.2002111502   When I tried to embed an external file (external entity) in my FO using entity reference, it was not reflected in a formatted result. Why not?
No.2002110806   Does XSL Formatter have the function to output a "crop marks" to a document ?
No.2002110803   Thai characters appear as dots when creating the bookmarks using Distiller.
No.2002110801   Can the non-compressed GIF Graphic file be displayed without LZW license?
No.2002110103   When reference-orientation is specified on a page master, the orinetation of the page is not rotated. Why?
No.2002110102   In the FO, I set the rotation direction 90 degrees. When I view in XSL Formatter, the page is landscape oriented correctly, but when I view the PDF using Distiller the page is portrait oriented. Why?
No.2002110101   Is it possible to specify that only a certain range of pages must be printed? If so, what does this mean for the processing time?
No.2002102508   When I format the document with mixture of English (writing mode is from left to right) and Arabic (writing mode is from right to left), the parentheses enclosing English text is not displayed correctly. Is it a bug?
No.2002102507   I specified block space-before="2.0in" at the beginning of the page. However, a space is not created. Why?
No.2002102502   Does XSL Formatter supports .NET API?
No.2002101806   I set indent to a block using the 'margin-left' property. However the text in the table, and the table is the child element of the block, is also indented. Why?
No.2002101805   In order to format multilingual documents, what fonts do I need to specify? If I specify Arial Unicode MS in the FO as the font for the entire document, will that font display correctly in XSL Formatter for all the languages? If not, do I need to specify a different font in the FO for each language in the document.
No.2002101804   When I format multilingual documents, I cannot put the xml:lang attribute on the fo:root element. Please tell me where the xml:lang attribute need to be.
No.2002101803   I want to interspace between the body text and the text in the float area. How can I do this?
No.2002101501   How can I embed SVG in a document?
No.2002093015   I placed fo:block in side-float and put the text content in it. Then the width of side-float became the full width of region-body. How is the width of float decided?
No.2002093012   I suppose that a dropped capital should be possible using side-float, and I've gotten close, but I'm unable to get it 100%. In particular, I haven't figured out how to eliminate the empty space below the "H" that, if it wasn't there, would allow the 4th line to wrap under the "H" (the goal being to minimize the blank space underneath the "H").
No.2002093003   Can I display and print a formula written by using MathML?
No.2002092004   I would like to insert a conditional hyphenation mark in a word. Is it possible in FO file?
No.2002091303   I worked with the property word-spacing and word-spacing.precedence set to 0.3em. It seems that I can widen the word-spacing but not shrink. What is the default for the word-spacing property inXSL Formatter?
No.2002090604   In a two-column layout, I'd like to place footnotes on even pages for all footnotes on the page in the left column on the bottom of each page and on odd pages in the right column. Can I do this way?
No.2002072603   Is there any way in XSL 1.0 to generate revision bars that reflect the vertical (or horizontal, in some cases) extents of inline areas?
No.2002072602   I have tried using block-progression-dimension="5pc" on the block containing each paragraph, but it appears to have no effect. I have also tried "max-height", again to no effect. Also, I tried to use the reference-orientation property with no apparent effect. Is there a way to get the effect I want?
No.2002071902   I am trying to set up the formatting for an element that is the equivalent of the HTML <pre> element, in which all text should be presented exactly as entered. However, it doesn't get me what I expected. Why?
No.2002071901   I have encountered a problem using the position attribute. Is absolute position supported in the current available version?
No.2002071204   When all page has two columns, the length of the two columns are not the same in one page. We want the blocks to be justified both at the top and the bottom vertically. Is it possible?
No.2002071201   We're specifying Arial for the document. Are system fonts used or are fonts shipped with the product used?
No.2002070503   We couldn't render Arabic script correctly in XSL Formatter. How can I render the script right-to left as it should ?
No.2002062809   When the text in a cell overflows the page, is it possible to take the cell and the text included all to the next page?
No.2002062808   How can I embed JavaScript in my PDF data?
No.2002062804   Do you offer the ability to set security options for the PDF for creating secure documents, such as contracts?
No.2002062802   How can I display and print CGM(Computer Graphics Metafile)?
No.2002062103   I want to draw a border under the table-cells in the header by specifying border-after and conditionality retain to fo:table-header, also by specifying border-after to fo:table-cell. However a line cannot be created. Why?
No.2002062102   Is there any way to specify MS Mincho to the Default font, specify Arial to the Western font separately? When I specify font-family="MS Mincho, Arial", all fonts become MS Mincho.
No.2002061402   I made two simple-page-master, one for a front cover, the other for the text body. Then I specify the value of "1" to the initial-page-number attribute in order to create page numbers except for a front cover. Then a white page was created between a front cover and a text body. Why did it happen?
No.2002053103   When I apply the XML and XSL in the formatter, it renders without error. In the middle of a dataset it renders a page its width is narrow. Why it happens?
No.2002053102   Is there any way that I can make table borders only between the table columns?
No.2002052402   In order to preserve the linebreaks, we add a <xsl:attribute name="white-space"> pre </xsl:attribute>statement, which does preserve the linebreaks, but now overruns the right margin and does not word wrap. Why?
No.2002041902   Wouldn't I want to specify the namespace for the Oct 15 2001 recommendation? Please explain why I use the Nov 1999 recommendation for my stylesheets to work.
No.2002041206   Does XSL Formatter support Asian language fonts such as Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or Korean (CJK)?
No.2002041205   I get the error message Invalid property value:border-before-width="1". Why do I get this error message?
No.2002041204   Can I output stream PDF made on the server to the Web browser of the client?
No.2002032506   I specified <fo:character character="&#x0A;"/> in order to produce a line break, but it doesn't. Why?
No.2002032505   We are using Arial as the font for this document. We noticed that Unicode character U+2003 (Em Space) shows up as a box in XSL Formatter, while Zero-width space, U+200B does not show a box. Why?
No.2002032504   Does XSL Formatter allow different layouts for the first page and second page or for even and odd pages, for example?
No.2002031804   When I set the writing-mode to rl-tb, using the margin-left property, the text is correctly rendered right to left but the page areas are still rendered in their left-to-right orientation. Why?
No.2002031803   When there are many long tables that span several pages, I want to produce rules at the bottom of pages where a cell spans to the next page or cells are forced to following pages.
No.2002030806   Please explain me how to use fo:wrapper? Especially, does fo:wrapper inhibits inheritance of non-inherited value?
No.2002030805   I specified <fo:table-cell vertical-align="bottom"> to get the text to align at the bottom of the cell, in table cells. But the text does not move. How can I do this?
No.2002030804   I want to specify fo:block margin-top, but I don't want to set the top margin of a box right after breaking pages. How can I do this?
No.2002030803   Can I feed .fo file directly to XSL Formatter without applying any stylesheet on an XML file?
No.2002030801   Is it possible to validate FO documents by specifying DTD?
No.2002030105   When the layout is in 3 columns, is it possible to have an fo:block spanning two columns?
No.2002011544   Is it possible to make a table of contents for our document?
No.2002011532   Can I display and print a formula written by using TeX?
No.2002011530   How can I display and print external graphics of XML files?
No.2002011529   Can I specify that the title and the body are not separated and kept within a page?
No.2002011526   Is there any stylesheet for XHTML to XSL-FO transformation?
No.2002011525   Is it possible to display HTML by XSL Formatter?
No.2002011524   I want to use other XSLT processors such as Xalan, SAXON to transform the file into XSL-FO. Can I use them?
No.2002011520   Is the stylesheet for transforming XML file into HTML file, the same as the stylesheet for transforming XML file into XSL-FO file?
No.2002011516   What kind of knowledge is necessary to make a stylesheet?
No.2002011515   Is it necessary to make a XSLT stylesheet for each XML document?
No.2002011514   What is stylesheet?
No.2002011513   Why is it difficult to display and print XML files?
No.2002011512   Internet Explorer is said to browse XML. What is the difference between XSL Formatter and Browsers?
No.2002011511   What is XSL Formatter?
No.2002011509   What is Formatting objects (FO)?
No.2002011508   What is XSL?
No.2002011501   If you could provide with some examples it would be of great help.

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