V5 Formatter Q&A

Maintenance Releases - History V5

V5.3 MR5

  • December 4, 2012


    1. The format of the text field in PDF form and the default value of the text field can now be specified.
    2. An error message will be displayed when a different PDF form with the same field name exists.
    3. A warning message will appear when a character specified within Acroform does not exist in the supported encodings in the PDF specification.

    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. A system error occurred when formatting files.
    2. -ah-overflow-condense:font-stretch; was not processed correctly.
    3. -ah-overflow-condense:font-size did not become effective.
    4. The float was not correctly outputted.
    5. -ah-float-move:keep caused float to overlap text
    6. The bidi processing might be inaccurate when direction:rtl was specified to the inline.
    7. When Arabic was used, page numbers were not put correctly in some html file.
    8. The chapter counter in the footer (chapter No) returned the incorrect result.
    9. Footnotes in the table-footer cell might be arranged inaccurately.
    10. The float influenced the missing content in Linux.
    11. Cross references could not break generated text across lines.
    12. In the block with the maximum width specified, the line overflowed by just the amount of the specified indent.
    13. When a size with % value was specified to margin-box, it might overlap with its neighboring margin-box.
    14. The header was not shown.
    15. The specification of -ah-text-line-color was ignored.
    16. -ah-text-combine might become inaccurate under the influence of inheriting properties, such as text-indent.
    17. The rendering specification of option was changed.

    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. A system error occurred when formatting files.
    2. A formatting exception occurred when formatting files.
    3. Tables were formatted incorrectly.
    4. The table footer height was not calculated correctly.
    5. The table bottom border disappeared when there was a bottom float.
    6. An auto formatted table incorrectly generated the size of fixed-width cells.
    7. The float was not arranged in the right position.
    8. The float overflowed.
    9. float-move="keep" did not work correctly.
      float: start before auto-move did not correctly work in vertical writing.
    10. The calculation for the height of FloatArea was incorrect.
    11. The default display of the text field was incorrect.
    12. The default value specified with the check box was not correctly outputted.
    13. A specific character specified as the default setting of the PDF form might be garbled.
    14. When the form field (check box, list box, drops down) with the same field-name existed, the output result was not sometimes correct.
    15. The tooltip was not showing up when form checkbox was hovered over.
    16. axf:letter-spacing-side did not work correctly.
    17. Surrogate pair characters were not outputted when letter-spacing was specified.
    18. The character position of the embedded PDF was incorrect.
    19. An image in the embedded PDF was missing.
    20. A specific Japanese proportional font might be positioned incorrectly in vertical writing mode.
    21. An incorrect font was chosen when a document was formatted.
    22. fo:marker was not outputted.
    23. The marker for running header retrieved on page before reference was rendered.
    24. An unnecessary one-line space was generated in the column document.
    25. The region body overflowed after the spanned block in the multi-column area.
    26. The overflow processing did not function correctly.
    27. An unnecessary space might be generated when there was an empty element.
    28. Lines with break opportunity were not breaking.
    29. The page break position differed between v4 and v6.
    30. Text overlapped when suppress-if-first-on-page was used.
    31. axf:printer-duplex did not function correctly.
    32. The sidenote or footnote content had the incorrect text alignment of "inside" after the page break.
    33. hyphenate="false" did not work.
    34. The exception dictionary returned an invalid word unexpectedly.
    35. A hyphen appeared as lozenge in the result document.
    36. Within inline-container with reference-orientation="90" specified, text might be split, not be formatted correctly.
    37. Some FO file caused the noticeable performance decrease between version 4 and version 5.
    38. right-to-left text did not outputted in the correct direction.
    39. Absolute positioned fo:block-container was not outputted.
    40. Unresolved ID and internal destination errors occurred for existing
    41. The priority order of the border shorthand property was inaccurate.
    42. The formatting result of a superscript or a subscript was not correct.
    43. Characters were not showing correctly in vertical writing document.
    44. The extension property display-align="justify" was applied to wrong page.
    45. The span="all" property caused long processing time, overlapping text.

    Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The page float influenced the position of table cell content.
    2. The float on page caused unrelated table to have different width.
    3. Floated figures overlapped.
    4. float was taking up extra space when text was after the table.
    5. An extra page and ragged columns after the float broke to the next page.
    6. A single line was placed after a rotated table.
    7. The setting of the row width in the table of the column document was not effective.
    8. Hebrew output was incorrect, did not match Word.
    9. The glyph was not displayed correctly when small-caps was applied.
    10. The TOC reference pages broke across lines when the page number format differed between the TOC page and the reference destination page.
    11. The grayscale PNG was rendered incorrectly.
    12. Hyphenation did not work on a specific word.
    13. Absolute positioned fo:block-container was not outputted.
    14. The space between blocks was not collapsed.
    15. axf:punctuation-trim="all" specified to the footnote was not effective.
    16. The glyph overlapped.


    1. Option settings were not correctly read.
    2. Some characters caused an error when generated with Barcode Generator Option.
    3. Embedded EPS generated errors when generating PostScript output.
    4. The white space might be garbled when printing the PS file outputted by "PostScript Output Option" using PS printer.
    5. Type1 font was not processed correctly with "PostScript output option".
    6. Character strings in the text field were not correctly outputted.
    7. The processing of the font in PDF form was not sometimes appropriate.
    8. When multiple text fields of a same name exist in one file, the output of the text field was incorrect.
    9. Font-strecthed="condensed" did not work as expected when creating an area tree xml.
    10. The area tree did not retain PDF bookmarks.
    11. The overflow error message now reports both the physical page number of the document and the relative page of the sequence.
    12. The searching of the tagged PDF did not work correctly.
    13. Distiller PDF output generated lower quality EPS graphics.
    14. Support for preserveAspectRatio in SVG.
    15. SVG did not appear in GUI or output document.
    16. The specification of the double angle quotation marks in Polish was changed.
    17. 2pass caused incorrect last page reference.
    18. The processing of [Error on Missing Glyph] was not correctly determined.
    19. The gray-scale TIFF might be recognized as the color image with PS output.
    20. Calling each URI in a document caused delays and potentially failure to complete the document.
    21. MathML brackets were positioned incorrectly.
    22. When optimization for web display and user password were specified at the same time, "PDFLinearizer error" occurred.
    23. The processing of the printer with the name of 31 or more Byte was inaccurate with AHFDev.exe.

V5.3 MR4

  • April 18, 2012


    1. Support for the "switch "element for SVG.
    2. use-preferred-family in the font configuration file can now be specified. Now you can specify nameID=16 as font-family.

    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When there was no position:relative, -ah-overflow-condense might not be effective.
    2. The content was sent to the following page even if there was still enough space with the column document.
    3. When max-width was specified to the block, the text line within the block might overflow exceeding the specified width.

    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Some FO file caused segmentation fault.
    2. When the block containers had the property break-before="page", there was an extra blank page inserted between the float and the block container.
    3. When intrusion-displace="indent" was specified, an excessive indent might be set or text didn't wrap.
    4. If a word ended a sentence and had a footnote label after it and landed at the end edge of a line, the word did not hyphenate.
    5. The page number was set to 0 in the table of contents.
    6. Text overflowed by overflow="condense".
    7. The auto layout table after the float was not correctly positioned.
    8. The absolutely positioned block container in the table header had a different height after a column break.
    9. When a table exists in a table, table-header of outside table has fo:retrieve-marker and inside table has fo:marker, the behavior was wrong.
    10. A different value specified to the max-height property was outputted.
    11. When the background image was specified and the image was not recognized, it was made not to display the broken picture image.
    12. The interpretation of the fragment in URI could not be performed.
    13. The scaling of images became non-uniform with small height difference.
    14. When the circled number was surrounded by fo:inline, spaces generated by text-autospace:ideograph-numeric were inputted before and after the circled number.

    Common - The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Japanese text in the text form field might not be displayed correctly when outputting to PDF.
    2. The radio button was not correctly outputted in PDF.
    3. multi-page PDF form only submitted last page.
    4. "PDF output error." occurred while outputting to tagged PDF.
    5. Contents were not displayed while outputting to tagged PDF.
    6. "#" was not encoded but "\" was encoded with the coloration
      encoding while outputting PDF.
    7. TIF images were not correctly outputted in PDF.
    8. The content of input data lost when outputting to PDF.
    9. When font-size was specified to axf:overflow-replace, the character might disappear.
    10. text-decoration between the leader and the page number might become invalid.
    11. Depending on the font used, a leader might not be outputted correctly.
    12. right-float overlapped with text.
    13. The characters of the specific Type1 font overlapped.
    14. When U+200B was in the line, justify might become inaccurate.
    15. The processing did not end with the data containing before-float.
    16. The position of the float changed when intrusion-displace="line" or "indent" was specified.
    17. An error occurred when outputting barcode data to PDF.
    18. A negative value was not able to be specified with the rspace attribute of the <mo>element in MathML.
    19. Footnotes in the table header displayed differently and incorrectly from the second page.
    20. Hamzah under Arif might overlap with Waw in Arabic.
    21. Margins (space-before/space-after) might not be processed correctly and the page did not break at the appropriate point.


    1. The bold setting in the text element in SVG was not reflected.
    2. SVG clip path with transformation attribute caused inconsistent behavior.
    3. The gray scale, bpc=16 in JPEG 2000 was not correctly processed.
    4. When outputting a radio button to PDF1.3, unexpected button field was outputted.
    5. A specific EMF image might not be outputted correctly.
    6. CGM caused Formatter to consume large amounts of memory.
    7. Processing of the name character staring with "/" in PDF was corrected.
    8. Data with a table did not correctly outputted in PDF.

V5.3 MR3

  • November 17, 2011
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When checking the syntax of a formula, the calculation of an absolute unit plus a relative unit produced an error.
    2. avoid-widow-words did not become effective.
    3. A closing parenthesis at the end of a line did not become half-width.
    4. When the block progression dimension was specified, block was rotated 90 degrees, and the size of the block was auto, text-align:center did not work correctly.
    5. When min-height and -ah-display-align were specified to the block, the arrangement of the block contents might become inaccurate
    6. When there was a br tag which was not surrounded by div, the position of the float might shift.
    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The specification when converting U 0085 and U 2028 into U 000A in the text was not controlled between XML 1.1 and 1.0 version.
    2. The block with the absolute position was arranged to the wrong page.
    3. When Variation Sequence was used, a font error occurred with PS output.
    4. keep-together.within-page="always" did not become effective.
    5. starts-row="true" specified as the table footer instead of table-row might not function correctly.
    6. When the table was rotated and the table break occurred, the content of the table cell was outputted also to the adjacent cell.
    7. When double line was specified to the cell of table-header, a part of line after the page break did not become double line.
    8. The table row overflowed region-body with a specific data.
    9. When overflow="error-if-overflow" was specified to region-body and overflow occurred, an error was not shown by the table overflow in the in-line progression dimension.
    10. When axf:punctuation-trim="all" and axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" were specified, the content overflowed the flame.
    11. When the document had multiple flows which were assigned to multiple region bodies, the region body for the page master assigned to the last page appeared on the second to last page.
    12. Retrieve table marker in the table header caused the table columns overflow on mulit-column pages.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When axf:alt-glyph was specified, the character might fall off partially while outputting to PS and XPS.
    2. auto-fallback-font="false" did not become effective on the font selection by script.
    3. The formatting process did not end when ligature-mode="latin" was specified.
    4. The character of &#x20bb7; in vertical writing data did not become vertical when outputting to PDF.
    5. When Variation Sequence was used, spaces between ideographic characters and European characters were not being added.
    6. Font aliases were not correctly saved in the Area Tree.
    7. 2pass option caused the page number citation to be incorrect.
    8. When intrusion-displace="block" was specified and data has float="inside" or float="outside", even if a page break occurred on the way, the position of the block was affected by the float.
    9. The float broke across page and didn't honor intrusion displace.
    10. Cursive Arabic scripts were not outputted correctly.
    11. Text overlapped when specific fonts were used.
    12. Formatter crashed when opening CGM.
    13. PDF output of Formatter caused an error in Acrobat when using STIX font.
    14. When a font with font-weight, without bold was used, the inaccurate dash pattern was outputted to the outline.
    15. Unnecessary page was created after the spanned block.
    Other - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The position of text was incorrect when specific fonts were used.
    2. Text in the private use area was not shown in PDF.
    3. MathML caused a system error when the predefined symbol element of the content element was not the first child element of the parent.
    4. EMF did not have all of the content rendered in Formatter.
    5. Runtime error occurred with the COM interface when the option setting file was not correctly set.
    6. EMF images were not rendered partially. CGM images were not rendered when using CGM plugin.

V5.3 MR2

  • September 1, 2011


    When outputting the standard output intent to PDF/X, you can specify whether the color profile is to be embedded or not.
    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When there was a spanned cell, the rule of "Border conflict resolution" was ignored.
    2. When fo:folio-prefix/fo:folio-suffix were specified, footnotes were not processed correctly.
    3. An error occurred when the value of internal-destination belonged to fo:basic-link and the ref-id value belonged to fo:page-number-citation were specified to the id value of fo:index-range-begin.
    4. An error ocurred when outputting tagged PDF with specific data.
    5. start-float and block-container overlapped each other.
    6. Keep-together.within-page="always" was not correctly processed when formatting a two-column document.
    7. text-align:justify did not function correctly when axf:ligature-mode="latin" was made effective.
    8. A rotated table was not formatted correctly.
    9. Start-float and block-container overlapped each other.
    10. When collapse was specified to a table border, the border was not outputted.
    11. The indent value of the list in the previous page was applied to the unrelated list.
    12. The keep-with-previous.within-page="always" setting did not function correctly.
    13. A system error occurred while formatting a multi-column document with fo:block-container.
    14. The float position did not change even if intrusion-displace="block" was specified to the document with float="inside" or float="outside".
    15. When the same change-bar-class was used to multiple fo:change-bar, an error occurred.
    16. An error occurred or the page-break setting was not processed correctly when there was the specification to force a page break before the block with span=all within the block container with column settings.
    17. When a page break occurred in the block-container with column settings, the white space for space-after generated.
    18. The position of side notes was not correct.
    19. fo:page-number-citation was not correctly processed when two pass formatting was specified.
    20. The specification of axf:avoid-widow-words="true" did not become effective.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The character information caused the output size to be larger when outputting to PostScript.
    2. When the table was rotated, data was not correctly outputted.
    3. Some parts were not correct when rendering EMF.
    4. The text was not correctly outputted when rendering EMF.
    5. JavaScript specified by axf:document-info was not correctly outputted to PDF.
    6. An error occurred when outputting tagged PDF.
    7. When the value was specified with the expression, an error occurred if 0 was included.
    8. An internal link was not correctly processed when formatting in two pass mode.
    9. The image collapsed when outputting tiff to PDF.
    10. When the output PDF file had a 3D object, an error occurred when opening with Acrobat.
    11. The position of the vowel sign of Devanagari characters might not be correct.
    12. Punctuations at the end of line were not aligned even if end was specified to punctuation-trim.
    13. The exception setting of hyphenation was not effective.
    14. When the file name of the hyphenation exception dictionary was made as language code_country code.xml, it was not effective.
    15. The ligature became invalid in a paragraph where U+200C or U+200D were included.
    16. When axf:punctuation-spacing was specified, successive punctuation marks overlapped each other.
    17. The pair kerning was not effective with some European fonts.
    18. When bicubic was specified in downsampling settings, an error occurred while opening the output PDF with Acrobat.
    19. Arabic script just before ZERO WIDTH JOINER were not connected to the left script.
    Other - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When illegal tiff was processed the error message and the error level generated were incorrect.
    2. A wrong description was found in some part of the DTD in the manual.
    3. A system error occasionally occurred by specific data.
    4. When the file name with a specific character was specified to the Document/Stylesheet dialog in GUI in Windows version, the formatting did not start.

V5.3 MR1

  • June 13, 2011


    LZW-compressed images can now be embedded in PDF as LZW-compressed with no change.
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When counter-reset: page 2; was specified to the root element, @page :right/left was not correctly processed.
    2. The column break position or the page break position in the column document was not correct.
    XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The position of double quotation marks in vertical writing was incorrect due to the font when outputting to PDF.
    2. The page break position in fo:block-container was not correct.
    3. The block-container in the column document occasionally overflowed.
    4. The line break position was incorrect in the block with fo:leader.
    5. The content of a table cell went to the next page even if there was enough space.
    6. The page didn't break in the corresponding place even if break-before="page" was specified.
    7. A system error occasionally occurred when text-justify-mode="4" was specified.
    8. Contents occasionally overlapped when the page break position changed.
    9. The PDF output failed error occasionally occurred by data that used fo:marker.
    10. When fo:page-sequence that had 1 page plus blank page continued, the error "10244 (2804): fo:flow is not assigned" occasionally occurred.
    11. The size of the JPEG image in Exif format was incorrect.
    12. The justify setting was not effective for the character string when G13. A specific EMF image was not correctly outputted.
    13. Contents overflowed when there was a setting that prohibited a page break in the block after the block with span="all" and keep-with-next="always".
    14. An error occurred when the encoding other than utf was specified in data and 2 pass formatting was specified.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The Select font error was generated by the setting of the font environment.
    2. The setting of the font file for end user defined character was not effective when the alias was defined.
    3. Data overflowed when the Cyrillic alphabet was used.
    4. The position of the underline or the overline was incorrect when baseline-shift="super" or baseline-shift="sub" were specified.
    5. Trimming of full width punctuations is a specification effective only with Japanese language, however it also worked with Chinese language.
    6. The position where SVG was drawn was not correct.
    7. PDF could not be correctly embedded.
    8. The character position in vertical writing was incorrect in PDF.
    9. A gap was generated between the line where border-radius was specified and the background of the table.
    10. The font selection of an alternative character specified by overflow-replace was not correctly processed.
    1. The position vector and the vertical displacement vector of vertical- written fonts can now be specified when rendering PDF.

V5.3 R1

  • April 28, 2011


    Barcode Generator Option is added.
    The following features have been added to the PostScript Option:
    1. Fonts can now be specified whether embedded in PostScript by noembed-font in the Option Setting File.
    2. External links specified by the relative address can now be converted to either of the action types of the PDF link properties by use-launch-for-relative-uri in the Option Setting File.
    The following elements have been added:
    1. axf:formatter-config
    2. axf:hyphenation-info

    The following properties have been added:
    1. axf:line-number-orientation
    2. axf:abbreviation-character-count
    3. axf:suppress-folio-prefix
    4. axf:suppress-folio-suffix
    5. axf:hyphenate-hyphenated-word

    It's now possible to hyphenate another language appearing in the CJK document by script-language-in-CJK in the Option Setting File.

    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Even if the same text and the setting were specified for the header, the output result was different.
    2. An exception error occasionally occurred by specific CSS data.
    3. The formatting process did not end if data has the side floating.
    4. When the page break occurred in the float page, the content was not outputted to the next page.
    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Justify specified to inline-container was not occasionally correctly processed.
    2. When there was U+200F, the line break was not correctly processed.
    3. The Japanese font was selected to the Roman character space at the top of the block when xml:lang="ja" was specified.
    4. The page overflowed when the page break occurred in the middle of the table in block-container due to the change of the page master and page size.
    5. When axf:overflow-replace was specified to the vertical-written block-container, it produced horizontal writing.
    6. The 'CELL ARRAY' instruction was processed incorrectly and did not display when drawing CGM.
    7. The column document was not processed when there was a footnote.
    8. When overflow="repeat" was specified to the vertical-written block-container, a column break or a page break occurred.
    9. The page overflowed when the page master was switched in order to break a page in the nested table and change the column.
    10. When text-align="justify" was specified to the block in the two-column document, the block overflowed.
    11. When axf:punctuation-trim="all" was specified, single-byte parentheses occasionally overlapped.
    12. The specification of the hyphenation exception dictionary was not correctly processed.
    13. When PDF file was made from the area tree, the annotation was not correctly outputted.
    14. When two-pass formatting was done, the size of the PDF became larger than ordinal.
    15. The exception handling of the Hungarian hyphenation was not correctly produced.
    16. The specification of SVG:font-weight was not effective.
    17. The position of the revision bar was incorrect.
    18. The axf:text-align-string specification was not effective.
    19. An error occurred with PDF output when the field value was specified to the invalid axf:form-field-option.
    20. Table cells overflowed with specific data.
    21. When background-color is specified to fo:table-header, the PDF tag was incorrect.
    22. The table overflow was not detected.
    23. When rounding the corner of the table with the footer by specifying axf:border-radius, it also affected the cell that was not the corner.
    24. An error was not outputted even if the overflow occurred in the block with span="all" in the column document.
    25. When there was U+200B at the end of fo:block and it was located at the end of line, it was sent to the next line and white space was generated.
    26. When PDF/A was generated from the area tree, an error occurred because color-profile-name was not reflected on the area tree.
    27. An empty page was outputted without generating an error when incorrect size was specified.
    28. When PDF was outputted from specific data in Mac version, "20294 Floating point exception error" occasionally occurred.
    29. Even if break-before="page" was specified with specific data, the page did not break.
    30. The float in the list overlapped with contents below.
    31. The page break was not correctly produced in the block-container in the column document when padding-after was specified.
    32. The footnote number was not correct.
    33. The footnote number in the table was correct.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The font that has only the SpecificID=5 entry in the name table became eligible.
    2. When specifying PDF/A-1b:2005, PDF/A-1a:2005, PDF/X-3:2003, and PDF/X-3:2002 to FO without the fo:color-profile specification and outputting PDF, segmentation fault was generated in Unix system platform.
    3. An exception error occurred with specific data.
    4. CGM was not drawn nor outputted to PDF correctly.
    5. When tagged PDF was generated, program lagged.
    6. The PDF tag when generating PDF/A produced an error with Acrobat9 or later.
    7. The image that could not be embedded in Linux version was made available by converting into the bit map as well as Windows version.
    8. When data that used the non-CID OpenType font was outputted to PDF/A, an preflight error was generated.
    9. A fatal error occurred when outputting PDF/X-1a:2001 from specific data.
    10. In drawing SVG, the position of characters was not correct.
    11. When embedding the same PDF file, multiple PDF files were occasionally embedded.
    12. When outputting PDF/A and PDF/X by using data without fo:declarations in Mac and Linux version, the segmentation fault occurred.
    13. A specific CGM was not drawn nor outputted.
    14. When turning on (true) the image-color-profile output in the PDF Output Option, "(3346) Unsupported ICC Color Profile Version Error" was produced.
    15. Some characters in the specific PDF were not displayed in the GUI.
    16. The block-container with the reference-orientation="90" specification overflowed.

V5.2 MR1

  • December 21, 2010


    The following new MIF output features have been added:
    1. Image files can now be selected whether embedded or external links.
    2. Basic-link is made available to convert into FrameMaker hypertext.
    The following option settings can now be cancelled:
    1. Child elements of <formatter-settings>
    2. <list-style-type>
    3. <script-chars>
    4. <space-after-punctuation>
    5. <space-before-punctuation>
    6. <space-between-digit-and-punctuation>
    7. <space-between-punctuation-and-digit>
    Optional character strings can now be specified to axf:punctuation-trim.
    When multiple applicable page masters are found, level 2 warning is now outputted.
    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. change-bar in fo:table generates an error.
    2. An exception error occasionally occurrs by specific data.
    3. UNC path specified to external-destination was not correctly
      converted when outputting to PDF.
    4. The position of side-float and block in fo:table might not be correct.
    5. The linefeed position was not correct when justify was specified.
    6. The table border occasionally shifted.
    7. When the Arabic document was outputted to distiller, the character position was not correct.
    8. The table cell occasionally collapsed when <fo:table-row> was omitted.
    9. The footnote disappeared when page master was specified to the last page and the footnote went to the subsequent page.
    10. When the FO data was specified as the document, and XSL was specified as the stylesheet, the stylesheet was not applied.
    11. The font selected by axf:text-justify-trim="Kana" occasionally changed.
    12. When HyphenationOption is "false", even if the exception with upper case was registered in <exceptions>, it was not effective.
    13. When HyphenationOption is "true", even if the exception was registered, it was not effective.
    14. There was float in fo:list-item-label and writing-mode is "rl-tb", the indent of list-item-body might not be correct.
    15. When a space was included in master-name, the (2803) error was outputted.
    16. Even if axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote = "true was specified, it was not effective.
    17. default-font-family specified in the Option Setting was not effective.
    18. line-height.conditionality="discard" was not effective.
    19. The last page occasionally overflowed with data where the last page was set.
    20. The page break occurred on the way even if keep-together.within-page="always" was specified.
    21. The color or background-color properties were not effective when there was U+200F.
    22. Extension properties for European typography was not effective.
    23. The position of the text block (space-before) occasionally changed depending on the height of float.
    24. The overflow was occasionally generated by specific data.
    25. The output position of the character was not correct without correctly processing the width of the character when trimming the space between characters.
    26. An exception error occasionally occurred when formatting the specific data repeatedly.
    27. The character overflowed the end of line because processing of adding the white space between Japanese characters to the adjoining area was not correctly done.
    28. The link did not become effective by the character type of id.
    29. axf:footnote-number-reset did not occasionally function correctly when axf:footnote-position was "column"
    30. The position of block in the table cell with display-align="center" occasionally shifted.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. A system error occurred due to the memory shortage when outputting PDF.
    2. When rtl (Arabic language) document was outputted to distiller, the character position was occasionally not correct.
    3. An exception error occurred when the mtable element of MathML was illegal.
    4. A part of the character in CGM was placed upside down.
    5. The pattern of the background was not correctly outputted in CGM.
    6. The dotted line was not drawn in CGM.
    7. Circular form was not correctly outputted in CGM.
    8. An exception error occurred when formatting by GUI due to the memory shortage.
    9. When <tspan style ="Font-family:Arial"> was specified it was not effective in the SVG drawing.
    10. When outputting SVG to PDF, the background was not correctly outputted.
    11. The layout of the text in the table was not correct with INX output.
    12. The glyph of U+0027 (quotesingle) occasionally changed.
    13. An error occurred when embedding a specific jpeg image with non-Windows platform.
    1. When creating a PDF with the owner password specified by Option Setting File, an error occurred when opening PDF.
    2. The file opening error occurred when formatting XML+XSL, and then outputting XSL-FO and PDF repeatedly with Solaris (sparc) version.
    3. A specific EMF was not correctly outputted.

V5.2 R1

  • August 9, 2010


    The following new PDF output features have been added:
    "no-LT" designates that this feature is not available with AH Formatter Lite.
    1. Entire fonts can now be embedded in the PDF, not just a subset of the font.
    2. RGB images can be automatically converted to CMYK when outputting to PDF/X and PDF/A. (no-LT)
    3. 3D objects can now be embedded in PDF. (no-LT)
    4. PDF pages can be output in reverse order.
    5. Encryption key length can now be specified using 128AES/256AES.
    6. Tag names for Tagged PDF can now be customized with the pdftag extension property. (no-LT)
    Values for the following properties have been extended:
    1. Justify is added to display-align
    2. Support for BIDI with the following scripts when rendering SVG data.
    • Arab : Arabic
    • Hebr : Hebrew
    • Thai : Thai
    • Deva : Devalagari
    The following attributes have been added to the Font Configuration File:
    1. Ability to specify the Unicode range to a font with unicode-range.
    2. The font size of a specific font can now be adjusted with font-size-adjust.
    3. The base line of a specific font can now be adjusted with baseline-adjust.
    The following features have been added to the CGM Option:
    1. Support for the Character Orientation attribute.
    2. Support for Compression Type of CGM 6 and 9.
    3. Support for all the notation attributes that belong to the <menclose> property of General Layout with MathML rendering.
    The following CSS elements and properties are newly implanted:
    1. :first-line pseudo-element
    2. 'display' property
    3. 'float' property
    4. 'content' property
    5. 'quotes' property
    6. 'empty-cells< /a>' property
    1. 'background-size' property
    2. box-decoration-break' property

    Note: V5.2 contains a beta version of the MO:DCA Output Option. If you are interested in testing this option please send an email to support@antennahouse.com.

    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When converting html data to INX, the page layout was not correctly outputted.
    2. When target-counter(attr(href, url), page) was used, the page number became zero.
    3. When formatting specific html data that included float data, an exception error occurred.
    XSL - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. A list that came next to the float was not positioned correctly.
    2. When "None axf:japanese-glyph =" was specified, the "Invalid property value" an error occurred.
    3. When axf:leader-expansion was used, the length of leader was not correct.
    4. When outputting specific data to PDF with solaris (sparc), core dumps occurred.
    5. When outputting specific date to PDF with Windows, an exception error occurred.
    6. When the column break was inserted within the revision bar, an error occurred.
    7. The border of the table overflowed.
    8. When there was a float in fo:list-item-label and writing-mode="rl-tb"
      was specified, the indent in list-item-body was not processed correctly.
    9. The block with keep-together.within-page="always" in the two column document overflowed.
    10. The position of a character shifted incorrectly in the horizontal dimension with specific data.
    11. The force page break or column break did not work in a multicolumn document and the page overflowed.
    12. fo:leader overflowed.
    13. When formatting FO that embedded specific PDF file, the Imported Page Contents Error occurred.
    14. When axf:column-fill="auto" was specified, axf:overflow-condense specified in fo:block-container did not become effective.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Background images were not outputted to INX and MIF.
    2. The text in the table cell and the border in the empty cell were missing when outputting to MIF.
    3. The position of the image in the table shifted when outputting to MIF.
    4. The size of SVG was not correct with SVG rendering.
    5. Some characters were not outputted when *.afm was used.
    6. When a specific font was specified, the "Create font error" occurred with Mac.
    7. When outputting specific data with a table to MIF, an exception error occurred.
    8. The "Because the depth of state nesting is over the limit" error occasionally occurred with specific SVG data.
    9. When formatting specific SVG data, the text overlapped or the text was not put in a table correctly.
    10. U+25CF caused the 'Missing glyph U+25CF in 'ZapfDingbats' error.
    11. When outputting specific data to MIF and opened it with FrameMaker, only 1 blank page displayed.
    12. When rendering SVG with polygon without points, an exception error occurred.
    The following limitations have been removed:
    1. The integer value applied to the keep attribute is now available between multi column and span block.
    2. Font alias is now available to define for the font family which consists of multiple files.

V5.1 MR2

  • April 9, 2010
    1. TrueType fonts with ANSI encoding can now be embedded.
    2. The limitation that CSS stylesheet cannot be specified in the stream input formatting process with dot net and Java interfaces has been removed.
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Even if condense;-ah-overflow-condense:font-stretch; was specified, the text was not condensed.
    2. The element arranged in a left column was arranged in a right column when the column was specified.
    3. When a page started with a block with span all (column-span:all) and the following column document did not fit into one page, the page did not break correctly.
    4. The setting of margin-bottom was not reflected in bottom-right.
    5. AH Formatter did not respond when formatting data with column-span:all.
    6. The content overflowed under the page within the block with span all.
    7. The float positioning was not correctly processed when float: bottom was specified.
    8. When outputting to the MIF format, at-rule was not appropriately reflected.
    9. The content overflowed when formatting column specified data.
    10. The content overflowed when the column-span:all property was applied to the element that exceeded 1 page.
    11. The border shifted when the cell with the rowspan split in the table where table-footer and border-collaps was specified.
    12. When -ah-intrusion-displace: block was specified, the position of the float in the block that moved horizontally was not correct.
    13. float: footnote in the table was not correctly arranged when @footnote and float: footnote were specified.
    14. An incorrect error occurred depending on data when outputting to INX and MIF.
    XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Some contents dropped out when Tagged PDF was continuously outputted.
    2. The height of fo:table-header was incorrect.
    3. When xml:lang was not specified, punctuation marks and margin values were not processed correctly.
    4. When the number of glyphs increased more than the original text, a PDF output error occurred.
    5. When page-position="last" was specified in fo:conditional-page-master-reference, it was not outputted correctly.
    6. list-item overflowed from the region-body area with specific data.
    7. In the line right after the page break, the value of inside/outside of text-align specified to the block inside of fo:inline-container did not calculate correctly.
    8. xsl-before-float-separator did not work correctly.
    9. If axf:hanging-punctuation="end" was specified, text-align of inline-container was not effective.
    10. The text overflowed at the end of line when axf:hanging-punctuation="end" was specified.
    11. When a page break occurred in the middle of a table with columns, the content overflowed.
    12. If italic was specified, it did not process when writing-mode="rl" was specified.
    13. before-float positioned after the block with space-after was sent to the next page when space-after was cancelled at the end of the page.
    14. An exception error occurred with specific data.
    15. The text overflowed with specific data.
    16. A table-marker was not outputted depending on data.
    17. When putting page-number-citation to adjust the leader dots, PDF output error occurred with data using Kashida in Arabic text.
    18. The content overflowed from the table cell when there was block-container with the text direction of both vertical and horizontal in the table cell and text-justify-mode="4" was specified.
    19. U+201C was not processed as a closing parenthesis when xml:lang="ru" was specified.
    20. Even if page&#x00A0;<fo:page-number-citation ref-id="XXX"/> was specified to avoid the break, a line break occurred before the page number.
    21. When there was a block that could not be broken just before float="before" and the block was sent to the next page, the blank page was outputted.
    22. Footnote text was outputted to the subsequent page.
    23. When axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote="true" was specified, axf:footnote-number did not process correctly.
    24. The processing of the punctuation marks and margins was incorrect when there was no language setting.
    25. When axf:column-count and span="all" were specified to fo:block-container, the column was not processed.
    26. When id in FO duplicated, any duplicate id error was given.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The table overflowed when there was a column with the specified column width with fixed table layout.
    2. When formatting a file whose name has '#' in it with GUI, the "Unexpected end of input stream." error occurred .
    3. The content overflowed when there was a block with span all inside of the column block.
    4. In Solaris (Sparc) version, an error occurred when opening an OpenType font embedded PDF.
    5. When a page break was set as disapproved in the column block, a page break occurred even if there was enough space for the block within the previous page.
    6. When displaying PDF with Acrobat the text occasionally looked bolder when the transparency attribute was set.
    7. An error occurred while reading a GIF file.
    8. An error occurred when ligature was set to a specific font.
    9. The Symbol font was outputted incorrectly.
    10. The PDF output error 16390 occurred when image-downsampling was made effective.

V5.1 MR1

  • December 9, 2009
    1. Added the column value to the table-omit-header-at-break property.
    2. The Option Setting file can now specify how an underline, a strikethrough, and an overline overflows between characters with text-decoration-mode.
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When margin:auto was specified to an image with float:left/right, the position might not be correct.
    2. When -ah-text-justify-trim: kana; was specified, the line didn't break with < br /> in data.
    XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Floats occasionally overflowed on the page when there was a block with break-before ="Page" after fo:float.
    2. When a table was placed in the second column after the span-all in a two column document, the table occasionally overflowed when keep-with-previous="always" was specified to fo:table-row.
    3. The position of a block that had been moved by afloat was not always correct.
    4. When span="all" was specified to the final fo:block, the marker was not correctly arranged.
    5. When a table in a multi-column document broke while balancing columns, it didn't break appropriately.
    6. When the page overflow in the block-container with reference-orientation="90" specified, it didn't break right before the block-container.
    7. An exception error occurred if specific FO data was outputted to the area tree.
    8. When formatting the FO data for a table without data in each cell, then outputting to INX, an error occurred while reading data with InDesign .
    9. A page overflowed when the column broke within the table cell in the column document.
    10. space-after was not effective.
    11. fo:block was missing with specific data.
    12. A page broke right after the empty fo:wrapper with id.
    13. A table overflowed with the table-omit-header-at-break setting.
    14. When FO has no <?xml version="1.0"?>, an exception error occurred while formatting with the kerning option.
    15. The processing of the space might be incorrect and the character overflowed.
    16. Footnote-numbers duplicated.
    17. When a page broke with the cell in the table spanned in the vertical direction, the PDF tag was not correctly set.
    18. An exception error occurred when span="all" was specified in data.
    19. The line did not break because the text division was not correctly done.
    20. When axf:overflow-condense="font-size"was specified in the block with wrap-option="no-wrap" and there was fo:page-number-citation specified within the block, the font size of the page number was occasionally incorrect.
    21. Characters of a footnote were overlapped.
    22. When there was fo:retrieve-table-marker, a border was not correctly drawn.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When opening the PDF with Acrobat, which had a PDF file embedded, it caused an error.
    2. If PDF was outputted from GUI specifying "Distiller EPS-processor =" in the Option Setting File, it caused an error.
    3. Even if different PDF files were embedded in PDF, they were outputted to the same PDF twice.
    4. An overflow was generated without breaking columns when there was a block after the block with span would not fit on one page.
    5. When SOFT HYPHEN at the end of line was outputted, it was outputted as a different font from the surrounding text.
    6. The processing of POLYBEZIER in the FIGURE instruction in CGM data did not correspond to filling FIGURE.
    7. An error occurred when Distiller was used at the same time in GUI and the command line of Formatter.
    8. Characters were not correctly displayed in the outputted PDF when using a specific font.
    9. When outputting the data with font embedding to SVG, the font was not embedded.
    10. The processing speed was extremely slow in the Linux version.
    11. When Type1 font was used, the information of height was not correctly acquired and extra pages might incorrectly be generated.
    12. The hyphenation exception dictionary of the hyphenation was not effective for specific words.
    13. When displaying the outputted PDF with Acrobat, characters were missing.
    1. Even if the file name of the PDF to output was changed, the edited file name returned to the original name when selecting any of the output range.
    2. The GUI did not properly display SVG data.
    3. When opening the PDF file that Formatter outputted with Adobe Reader9, an error occurred saying "This page contains an error."
    4. The pitch information (fixed pitch or changeable pitch) for outputting to a PDF file might not be correct.
    5. When outputting a tagged PDF, an error occurred saying "16390 (4006): PDF output error. (3101) TaggedPDF fails because of crossed mark content"
    6. A specific PDF file might not be displayed with AH Formatter GUI.


  • September 16, 2009
    1. MIF Output Option is newly added. MIF is a format to interchange information between Adobe FrameMaker and other applications.
    2. The CSS properties concerning the page and column break, break-before, break-after and break-inside are implemented.
    3. The FO property span="all" and CSS property column-span="all" have been implemented for the children of multi-column FO block-container and CSS div objects.
    4. The column-fill property in CSS and axf:column-fill extension property in XSL-FO are implemented.
    5. It's now available to reset the footnote counter in CSS3.
    6. Border-parts in CSS3 is available.
    7. The watermark can now be outputted in PDF.
    8. Multiple pages of a PDF can be embedded in a single external graphic object.
    9. Blocks can now be placed outside of the bleed area.
    10. Oblique/backslant can now be specified to font-style in FO.
    11. HTML tags are retained in the output document when generating tagged PDF from HTML and CSS.
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When vertical writing was specified in table-cell, the content of the cell was arranged incorrectly.
    2. When ah-reference-orientation was specified to inline-block, it was not rendered correctly.
    3. When a page break was inserted within a table, the cell border of the table was not outputted.
    4. The content of the cell was occasionally doubly outputted.
    5. @top-left and @top-center occasionally overlapped each other.
    6. -ah-content-height:scale-to-fit was not effective when specified.
    7. An unnecessary blank was inserted and the table was arranged under the page when a page break was inserted within the table with margin-bottom specified.
    8. When content was specified to a::After and a line break was inserted, the content overflowed the area.
    XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When DOM was used with the COM interface, Missing End Tag was occasionally generated.
    2. When axf:hanging-punctuation="first"specification was specified, the punctuation was hanged even if it was not the first line of the paragraph.
    3. fo:inline-container occasionally misaligned to the vertical direction when "Jpan script =" was specified.
    4. Keep-together specified to fo:table-body also controlled the break between fo:table-body when there were multiple fo:table-body.
    5. When the block with "All span =" followed the column break, the page was not correctly broken.
    6. When writing-mode="rl-tb" was specified, the numbers were not outputted correctly.
    7. The exception error occasionally occurred when formatting Arabic data with Vista.
    8. When formatting a data with a big table with the table header, the memory occasionally increased.
    9. The footnote text occasionally overlapped when a footnote was in the table within a list.
    10. When table extended over the next page and a footnote was in the table-header, the footnote was outputted incorrectly
    11. Even if text-align="'.' center" or text-align="'.' " axf:text-align-string="center" were specified, text was not center aligned.
    12. When there was no text before the leader, the leader extended beyond the area.
    13. The embedded PDF might not be outputted correctly and a blank page was outputted.
    14. Even if "0pt leader-length.minimum =" was specified, length did not occasionally become 0pt.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The revision bar in the column block occasionally placed not to the column but the entire page area.
    2. The revision bar in the column block occasionally placed not to the column but the entire page area.
    3. A font error occurred when there was a space in the font name specified for font-family in non-Windows version.
    4. If the area tree was specified with render() in the Java interface, an error occurred.
    5. When outputting PDF-1.4 based PDF/X-1a:2003 etc., "PDF output error" was generated.

V5.0 MR2

  • June 22, 2009
    1. The Standalone GUI displays SVG::patterns.
    2. start-column, end-column, inside-column, and outside-column are added to axf:footnote-position.
    3. The API's are now available with the standalone license.
    4. [Reading Options]-[Language] information in Document Properties in the PDF is now available to output. (available with PDF1.4 or later)
    5. 'Wch' is added as a unit showing the width of full-width characters.
    6. Improves the formatting speed.
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When trimming of a space between full width punctuations was specified, the line break position was not correct.
    2. Margin-collapse was not correctly processed in the block where the size was specified.
    3. The word-wrap: break-word specification was not reflected in the text wrapping around floats.
    4. The counterbalance of the margin did not occasionally become correct between parent and child elements.
    XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Columns in a table were not well balanced.
    2. When the name of the external link of fo:basic-link was figures, the relevant page did not open.
    3. A list arranged beside the float occasionally became incorrect when a page break occurred.
    4. The rounding specification of table was not reflected in the background of table-row.
    5. space-before specified to fo:block was not correctly secured when there was no border specification in fo:block, which was a parent of fo:float.
    6. When trimming of a space between full width punctuations was specified, characters in the list occasionally overlapped.
    7. When the table was rotated, the width of the cell and the output position were not correct.
    8. When axf:footnote-number-reset="page" was specified, footnote numbers were not outputted correctly.
    9. Footnotes might be outputted to the wrong page.
    10. max-height did not become effective when multiple fo:block-container were on the same page.
    11. When multiple fo:table-row were specified, table-marker were overlapped.
    12. A page broke with a big white space when the height was specified in table, table-row, and table-cell.
    13. when axf:line-number-reset="page" was specified, numbers were not reset when the table broke or cells overflowed.
    14. The position of the side note was not correctly outputted when the anchor was in FO which generated the reference area.
    15. The border of table-marker might not be correct.
    16. When the table extended over the next page, the position of the footnote in table-header was outputted incorrectly.
    17. When there were table and block in block-container and it was not possible to break between table and block according to the keep condition, the block-container occasionally wholly moved to the next page without being broken in the table.
    18. An error occurred when "default" was used for master-name and master-reference.
    19. Punctuations occasionally overflowed from the cell.
    20. An exception error occasionally occurred when a child of fo:table-row had fo:retrieve-table-marker.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The XMLDOMDocument property did not function correctly with the COM interface.
    2. The specification of left or right using the clear property did not match with the actually targeted float.
    3. When setting the security with PDF embedding, the file that could not open was generated.
    4. When embedding a specific PDF, an error occurred when opening the generated PDF.
    5. When data with the Form field was outputted to PDF, the text in the field was not occasionally displayed.
    6. When missing-glyph="0" was specified in the option settings, missing-glyph was not detected.
    7. If the unit of px or em were specified for the size property, it occasionally became an error.
    8. When the specified value of the size property is only length, the specification might be disregarded.
    • When PDF was embedded in the input data, an unnecessary text was occasionally displayed in GUI.

V5.0 MR1

  • April 28, 2009
    Enhancements - The following CSS properties has been implemented or revised.
    1. avoid-page is added to (-ah-)page-break-before, (-ah-)page-break-after, (-ah-)page-break-inside.
    2. -ah-margin-break is added
    3. (-ah-)border-break is added
    4. central was added to (-ah-)vertical-align
    5. Formatting speed has been improved
    6. Support for Antenna House Web Interface V3.0 for Formatter, scheduled for release in early May, has been added.
    CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When data contents ',' + white space + Latin alphabet, the line doesn't break at the white space and the characters might overflow from the content area.
    2. When position: absolute; was specified in the inline, the line might break half way.
    3. The comment written in CSS might become an error.
    4. The targeted base URI referred by the relative URI in CSS was not correct.
    5. Relative specification in the redirected HTML was not correctly interpreted.
    6. The border occasionally influenced the boundary of the form in GUI when there was a border in the page block.
    7. content: None was the same processing as content: normal.
    8. The line doesn't break at the place where it should be and the characters overflowed from the region.
    9. The size of the caption, the margin might not be correct.
    10. The formatting might not end when the element that was not able to be recognized was included.
    11. The margin of table-caption was invalid.
    12. The marker and inline-block of the list in the column were not processed correctly.
    XSL-FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When fo:index-key-reference page-number-treatment="link" was used for linking, it did not link correctly.
    2. The formatting speed of a fo file occasionally became extremely slow.
    3. The link in the index of output PDF did not occasionally function.
    4. The width of the rotated table cell might not be correct.
    5. The split table was not well balanced.
    Common - The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When the file was referred to specifying the relative path in data, it did not work correctly.
    2. When outputting to INX, the box was out of alignment and the radio button occasionally overlapped.
    3. When outputting to INX, a table might not be outputted.
    4. The color fill in CGM data might not be correctly outputted.
    5. The specification of linking to the external file might not be effective in the SVG option setting.
    1. When setting the URL specified with ID in the HTML file, it might not open in GUI.
    2. When formatting HTML data in GUI, 'Page Select' in the PDF Output dialog changed into Multi Volume output when selecting the output range.
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