XSL Formatter Q&A

Maintenance Releases - History V4.3 and V4.2

V4.3 MR 9

  • October 8, 2009
    1. MIF Output Option is newly added. MIF is a format to interchange information between Adobe FrameMaker and other applications.
    2. Support for Windows 7 (32bit/64bit).
    The following issues have been corrected:
    1. The revision bar in the column block occasionally placed not to the column but the entire page area.
    2. When axf:hanging-punctuation="first" was specified, the punctuation was hanged even if it was not the first line of the paragraph.
    3. fo:inline-container occasionally misaligned to the vertical direction when "Jpan script =" was specified.
    4. keep-together specified to fo:table-body also controlled the break between fo:table-body when there were multiple fo:table-body.
    5. When the block with span="all" followed the column break, the page was not correctly broken.
    6. Even if filling in of form fields and signing of the PDF file were not prohibited, these were not available to input.
    7. A system error occurred with a specific data.
    8. When outputting PDF from the area tree with large size, a system error occasionally occurred.
    9. When writing-mode="rl-tb" was specified, the numbers were not outputted correctly.
    10. When a space was included in the file name specified with src of fo:external-graphic in non-Windows version, it occasionally became an error.
    11. When formatting a data with a big table with the table header, the memory occasionally increased.
    12. The footnote text occasionally overlapped when a footnote was in the table within a list.
    13. When table extended over the next page and a footnote was in the table-header, the footnote was outputted incorrectly.
    14. A font error occasionally occurred in non-Windows version when there was a space in the font name specified for font-family.
    15. Even if text-align="'.' center" or text-align="'.' " axf:text-align-string="center" were specified, text was not center aligned.
    16. When outputting PDF-1.4 based PDF/X-1a:2003 etc., "PDF output error" was generated.
    17. The embedded PDF might not be outputted correctly and a blank page was outputted.
    18. Even if "0pt leader-length.minimum =" was specified, length did not occasionally become 0pt.
    19. When a big figure was included in a column and a page broke, a column was not broken in the following page and it overflowed.
    20. Hanging was not occasionally correctly processed when a punctuation character and the following character were in the keep relation.
    21. The float occasionally overflowed from the page when there was a block where break-before ="Page" was specified after fo:float.
    22. When selecting the page range to output after changing the file name to output to PDF, the edited file name occasionally returned to the origin.
    23. When the PDF with embedded PDF was opened with Acrobat, it occasionally became an error.
    24. If PDF was outputted from GUI specifying "Distiller EPS-processor =" in the Option Setting File, it occasionally became an error.
    25. Even if different PDF files were embedded in PDF, they were occasionally outputted to the same PDF twice.
    26. The overflow was occasionally generated without breaking columns when there was a block after the block with span all that was not fitted in one page.
    27. In the two-column document, when keep-with-previous="always" was specified to fo:table-row, a table in the second column overflowed.
    28. When SOFT HYPHEN at the end of line was outputted, it was occasionally outputted as different font from the surrounding text.
    29. There was a problem in the error processing when an instruction was not able to be recognized while rendering CGM, the formatting occasionally ended with the error level 4.

V4.3 MR 8

  • June 29, 2009
    1. start-column, end-column, inside-column, and outside-column are added to axf:footnote-position.
    The following issues have been corrected:
    1. Columns in a table were not well balanced.
    2. When the name of the external link of fo:basic-link was figures, the relevant page did not open.
    3. A list arranged beside the float occasionally became incorrect when a page break occurred.
    4. The rounding specification of table was not reflected in the background of table-row.
    5. space-before specified to fo:block was not correctly secured when there was no border specification in fo:block, which was a parent of fo:float.
    6. When the table was rotated, the width of the cell and the output position were not correct.
    7. When axf:footnote-number-reset="page" was specified, footnote numbers were not outputted correctly.
    8. Footnotes might be outputted to the wrong page.
    9. When multiple fo:table-row were specified, table-marker were overlapped.
    10. When multiple fo:table-row were specified, table-marker were overlapped.
    11. A page broke with a big white space when the height was specified in table, table-row, and table-cell.
    12. when axf:line-number-reset="page" was specified, numbers were not reset when the table broke or cells overflowed.
    13. The position of the side note was not correctly outputted when the anchor was in FO which generated the reference area.
    14. The border of table-marker might not be correct.
    15. When the table extended over the next page, the position of the footnote in table-header was outputted incorrectly.
    16. When there were table and block in block-container and it was not possible to break between table and block according to the keep condition, the block-container occasionally wholly moved to the next page without being broken in the table.
    17. Punctuations occasionally overflowed from the cell.
    18. An exception error occasionally occurred when a child of fo:table-row had fo:retrieve-table-marker.
    19. The specification of left or right using the clear property did not match with the actually targeted float.
    20. axf:footnote-keep="always" did not function correctly.
    21. When setting the security with PDF embedding, the file that could not open was generated.
    22. When embedding a specific PDF, an error occurred when opening the generated PDF.
    23. When data with the Form field was outputted to PDF, the text in the field was not occasionally displayed.
    24. When missing-glyph="0" was specified in the option settings, missing-glyph was not detected.
    25. If the unit of px or em were specified for the size property, it occasionally became an error.
    26. When the specified value of the size property is only length, the specification might be disregarded.
    27. The character in fo:inline-container occasionally swerved to the vertical direction when script was specified in fo:block.
    28. When PDF was embedded in the input data, an unnecessary text was occasionally displayed in GUI.

V4.3 MR 7

  • April 14, 2009
    The following issues have been corrected:
    1. A part of the link might not become effective when formatting with two pass option.
    2. The page only of several lines might be made by data with a lot of footnotes.
    3. runtime error R6025 might be generated.
    4. The link of bookmark might become invalid.
    5. A table border might disappear.
    6. The result might be different in the PDF output from GUI and the PDF output from the command line.
    7. When PDF with the file name including the white space is specified as the background, it is not correctly outputted.
    8. It is likely to become an error when a tagged PDF made by data with the acroform is checked with the accessibility checker tools in Adobe Acrobat (Full Check).
    9. A memory leak might occur when formatting data that uses the image.
    10. When a ligature is composed, stretch might not be reflected in the width calculation.
    11. When the column block starts from the position where there is not enough space in the page and column balancing is performed, the column might not break.
    12. When the PDF outputted by data with forms is opened with Acrobat Reader, it is likely to become an error.
    13. The system error might occur if the font with a specific PFA format is used.
    14. Font-stretch might work more than the necessity when the page overflows.
    15. When data with the TIFF image is outputted in PDF, the image might be distorted.
    16. When data with the image is outputted to PDF/A, PDF/A file might not exist though the formatting ends normally.
    17. The column might overflow without breaking in an appropriate point when there is block-container in the column block and table or block-container is in it and the block with span="all" comes after the block.
    18. The height of the table row with row-span might not become correct.
    19. WMF might not be drawn correctly.
    20. ChartML is not outputted to GUI, and the error might occur when the PDF is outputted.
    21. The system error might occur when PDF is outputted by using data with the font of Khmer via Distiller.
    22. The content of the cell might overflow to the right when the content needs to be split.
    23. A missing glyph error might occur even if the glyph exists in the specified font.
    24. When axf:overflow-condense="font-size" is specified and full width punctuation is specified to trim, the character might become small too much.
    25. A period might be outputted to the start of line.
    26. When the file is referred by specifying the relative path in data, it might not be interpreted correctly.
    27. When outputting to INX, the box is out of alignment and the radio button occasionally overlaps.
    28. When outputting to INX, a table might not be outputted.
    29. The color fill in CGM data might not be correctly outputted.
    30. When fo:index-key-reference page-number-treatment="link" is used and linked, it might not be linked correctly.
    31. The column break processing in the nested table might not be correct.
    32. The width of the rotated table cell might not become correct.

V4.3 MR 6

  • January 21, 2009
    The following issues have been corrected:
    1. A TIFF image may become coarse when outputting from Distiller.
    2. When ENTITY is defined and expanded with a relative path, an error may occur.
    3. A transparent GIF image is not penetrated in GUI. When the number of colors of a screen is set to 16 bits, a translucent png images is not displayed.
    4. When the documnent is justified and script="Japn"is specified, the interval between texts may spread.
    5. A TIFF file may not be outputted to PDF/PS/SVG correctly.
    6. When 2 pass formatting is specified and Saxon or Xalan is used, a system error may occur.
    7. When multiple fo:region-body and multiple fo:flow are used in fo:flow-map, a system error may occur.
    8. Bold specification may not be processed correctly With SVG output.
    9. Patterns may not be outputted correctly with SVG output.
    10. Even if overflow="condense" axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" are specified, a line may overflow.
    11. The character width when using axf:alt-glyph is not sometimes correct.
    12. axf:punctuation-trim="end" may not become effective.
    13. When outputting tagged PDF with axf:alttext specified, it may become an error by the Acrobat accessibility check.
    14. If there is fo:basic-link, axf:form-field may not function.
    15. Level=4 and doRender error may occur when formatting data with large size.
    16. When axf:footnote-number is used for the footnote, the appearance order of the footnote text is not sometimes correct.
    17. When compound gliphs exist in compound glyphs, characters may not be outputted correctly.
    18. When formatting data with columns, the page breaks in an unsuitable position.
    19. When the table runs across pages, the contents of table-footer may overlap.
    20. When two or more tables exist, the page break position may become inaccurate and the table may overflow.
    21. When text-align="outside" is specified to fo:table-and-caption inside of fo:block-container, it may not be outputted correctly.
    22. When span="all" is specified to data with float, the content is not split correctly.
    23. When there is float, alignment-baseline="before-edge" may not be processed correctly.
    24. When a tagged PDF is specified and outputted, an error may occur.
    25. Some specific PDF data cannot be displayed or imported.
    26. When creating PDF which has embedded PDF in the Windows64bit environment and opening it by Acrobat, an error may occur.

V4.3 MR 5

  • November 21, 2008
    1. Support for BITONAL TILE element compression type 2 (T6) and compression type 7 (JPEG) of WebCGM 2.0 with XSL Formatter CGM Option.
    The following issues have been corrected:
    1. A border may break off when the table with table footers is divided.
    2. When overflow="condense" axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" are specified, and a line break occurs by specifying linefeed-treatment="preserve", a font is extremely stretched.
    3. Overflowing contents may not be output when overflow="replace" is specified and an image causes overflow.
    4. When keep-with-previous.within-page="always" is specified to fo:table-row and overflow occurs, it takes a lot of processing time.
    5. When a marker is used with a table header, the width of the table-header may become inaccurate.
    6. fo:retrieve-table-marker is not output.
    7. axf:border-radius does not function correctly with the table of vertical writing.
    8. When inserting a column break in the middle of a table and a suitable break position is not found, the page overflows.
    9. When contents of table-headers/footers become inaccurate by fo:retrieve-table-marker, formatting stops.
    10. A cell size may not be correct when there is no table-row in the nested table.
    11. When inserting a column break in the middle of a table, the page overflows without breaking a column.
    12. Since opening and closing double quotation marks are not judged adequately, the position of a line break is not correct.
    13. When embedding PDF with page specification, outputting to PDF 1.5 and opened with Acrobat, an error may occur.
    14. FO with the Type1 font may not be output to PDF/A-1b.
    15. An error occurs if a TTF font without OS/2 table is used.
    16. When outputting to PDF using a Type1 font, there is a character which is not correctly output unless font is embedded.
    17. axf:hanging-punctuation="end" does not work correctly.
    18. Setting of stop condition by an error level may not function correctly.
    19. A stroke which is not specified may be output to SVG.
    20. When the attribute of text in SVG data changes on the way, it may not be output correctly.
    21. The exponential notation of SVG is not processed correctly.
    22. When outputting EPS to PDF using GhostScript, the size is not correct.
    23. CGM with a raster image may not be output correctly.
    24. The page number which is referring to the block driven out by the keep property may shift.
    25. A number may not be reset even if axf:footnote-number-reset="page" is specified.

V4.3 MR 4

  • September 25, 2008
    The following issues have been corrected:
    1. When formatting data with MathML multiple times, a character may be garbled.
    2. An error occurs when outputting tagged PDF and is found when performing a full check of the accessibility of Acrobat.
    3. A character position may shift and it may overlap when outputting to PDF.
    4. An error may occur when outputting TIFF data to PDF.
    5. PDF may not be created when PDF is specified to be output into multiple separate volumes.
    6. When a document with vertical writing is output to PDF, a character position may shift.
    7. The direction of the character of axf:alt-glyph in the vertical writing document is sometimes incorrect when outputting to PDF.
    8. A character of Type1 font may not be displayed in the PDF.
    9. An SVG imaged embedded in PDF may not be displayed.
    10. Trimming of the space between full-width puncuations is not processed correctly.
    11. When axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote="true"is specified, footnote-number may shift.
    12. A data with retrieve-table-marker may not be formatted correctly.
    13. An integer value of keep-together specified in fo:table may be disregarded.
    14. A table cell is overwrapped.
    15. When a footnote is in table-header and axf:footnote-number-reset="none" is specified, a number may shift when a page breaks.
    16. table-footer may not come out at the end of the table.
    17. The color of rule-style is not outputted to the area tree.
    18. When the outputted PDF is optimized by Acrobat, an error may occur.

V4.3 MR 3

  • August 21, 2008
    Corrected the following bugs:
    1. keep-together.within-page="always" may not function correctly in FO with columns.
    2. When there are change-bars with the same class name, they are outputted without being separated.
    3. When axf:text-justify-trim is specified, line break does not work correctly.
    4. axf:punctuation-trim="start end adjacent" does not work correctly.
    5. The list label, BULLET • turns into a Japanese font or into an European font in turn.
    6. The space between characters is trimmed when ZapfDingbats font is used and displayed in GUI.
    7. Printer marks are not outputted with the registration color in PDF.
    8. The position of a character may be inaccurate and shifts from the underline when outputting to PDF.
    9. The error message is not correct when applying a digital signature and outputting to PDF while the destination PDF file is open.
    10. The conversion from GIF file may not be done correctly.
    11. An inaccurate line may be outputted when formatting the arc lines of EMF and WMF.
    12. When footnote is included in footer with table-omit-footer-at-break="true", Footnotes other than the footnote of table-header is outputted to the last page.
    13. When table-header/table-footer are specified repeatedly, table-header after the line break may not be outputted correctly.
    14. table-header after the page break may not be outputted correctly.

V4.3 MR 2

  • July 29, 2008
    1. Linux x86_64 version was added.
    2. XPS Output Option was added.
    3. The axf:repeat-footnote-in-table-header property, the axf:repeat-footnote-in-table-footer property were added.
    Corrected the following bugs:
    1. "Create font error" may occur with a specific font.
    2. A specific bar code font may be set to "Missing glyph".
    3. The font setting of the GUI Option is not applied to the reformatted FO.
    4. Bold specification of a font is not reflected when outputting to PostScript.
    5. A character may not be displayed with a specific font when outputting to PostScript.
    6. An error occurs when embedding PDF created by Acrobat 9 with standard settings.
    7. The document overflows without dividing the area when outputting to PDF other than using GUI.
    8. A link does not function, or an error may occur when the security is set to the PDF.
    9. A circle may not be outputted correctly to PDF.
    10. When the external image is being referred to by SVG, it may not function correctly.
    11. The character in WMF may not be displayed.
    12. axf:hanging-punctuation="end" may not work.
    13. When axf:overflow-condense-limit-font-stretch is specified, "hidden" and "repeat" do not function.
    14. When axf:punctuation-spacing="0em" is specified to the closing parentheses in fo:inline, it doesn't work.
    15. When there is a table in block-container in the column, the page breaks incorrectly in the middle of the page.
    16. When the numerical value is specified as the value of keep-together (.within-line), a word may be divided in the middle which must not be divided.
    17. An error occurs when outputting a document to the printer using obj.XmlDomDocument of the dotnet.

V4.3 MR1

  • June 12, 2008
    - V4.3 Maintenance Release 1

    Corrected the following bugs.

    1. If FO contains too many SVG graphics, "PDF output failed" error occurs.
    2. If FO contains particular SVG graphics, printer sometimes returns error.
    3. Specifying axf:border-radius extended property to fo:table does not work correctly.
    4. The error EPS file name is not displayed when outputting PDF from FO using Distiller.
    5. Sometimes if text contains U+200B (ZERO WIDTH SPACE), text-align="justify" does not work correctly.
    6. Text portion of some type of EMF is not outputted to PDF or displayed.
    7. Occasiobally clipping operation does not processed correctly for some type of EMF.
    8. Some FO causes core-dump at INX output in Solaris version.
    9. Some type of FO causes Java VM to crash when formatting using Java interface in Solaris version.
    10. Occasionally FO that contains MathML causes Java VM to crash when formatting using Java interface.
    11. Occasionally FO that contains MathML causes "Unknown or unsupported graphic file" error.
    12. Occasionally redundant space is inserted between PDF and text when formatting FO into PostScript.
    13. Occasionally table in the first column overflows beyond page in the two column layout.
    14. Some kind of FO can be formatted into PDF using Windows GUI but Code: 32778 error occurs when using command-line.
    15. Some type of multi column FO causes table to overflow into footnote area.
    16. Some Type1 font causes "Font read error: Extent Table read error".
    17. Some OpenType font that has extension ".ttf" causes "Font file error: Bad sfntVersion type XXXXXXXX".
    18. Some Type1 font causes "Font read error: Pair Kerning Table read error".
    19. Courier New font sometimes causes "'GDEF' markAttach ClassDef error".
    20. Occasionally rules of embeded PDF is not displayed.
    21. Occasionally raster graphic does not displayed in CGM Option.
    22. The specification was changed: When overflow="condense" and axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" or axf:overflow-condense="font-size" are specified to fo:block-container, the text will be justified. But if text-align-last is specified explicitly, the last line will follow that specification.


  • April 28, 2008
    - V4.3 Release
    1. Added Windows x64 version to the line-up.
    2. Added CGM Option.
    3. Added INX Output Option.
    4. Added axf:overflow-condense-limit-font-stretch property.

    5. Corrected the following bugs.
    6. Warning error outputs when specifying axf:outline-font-style="italic".
    7. Occasionally the underline does not appear in the top to bottom writing mode.
    8. Occasionally axf:punctuation-spacing does not work due to the combination of characters.
    9. axf:punctuation-spacing does not work when specifying font-stretch together.
    10. Occasionally "(3202) Invalid Parent Acroform Error" occurs.
    11. Occasionally fo:block-container in the column overflows pages.
    12. Absolute positioned graphic that its position of left, top=0mm overflows fo:region-body by 1pt.
    13. Annotation catalog of axf:annotation-contents outputted by the reverse order.
    14. Black rule appears when making annotation by axf:annotation-contents.
    15. Occasionally "(3352) Load ICC Color Profile Error" occurs when FO contains PDF as fo:external-graphic.
    16. XSL Formatter cannot continue processing when detecting PDF/A related errors.
    17. Some Type1 font causes "Font file error: StartKeningPairs".
    18. Occasionally unrecognizable error message outputted at the PDF/A output.
    19. Occasionally the display size of graphic is reduced to the horizontal dimension when specifying overflow="hidden".
    20. Occasionally System error source:nextPage() occurs when table cell contains block-container that has reference-orientation property.
    21. Occasionally position of fo:block-container in the table header is shifted wrong.
    22. Occasionally the texts of fo:basic-link are placed beyond the fo:region-body.
    23. Occasionally the CJK punctuation is not placed at the end of line in spite of enough space.
    24. Occasionally axf:footnote-number elements in the table are numbered incorrectly.
    25. Font metrics evaluation is not correct for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
    26. Some kind of EMF is displayed only a part.
    27. If there is region except fo:region-body that contains blank page by force-page-count property, sometimes "System Error.source:nextPage()" occures.
    28. Occasionally multi column fo-block-container overflows beyond the bottom of page.
    29. If fo:table contains fo:footnote and its surrounding fo:block has space-after property that its conditionality = "retain", occasionally footnote body is placed next page.
    30. Occasionally embedding PDF as fo:external-graphic specifying page causes error.
    31. Occasionally command line outputs only 1 page PDF even though there should be many pages.
    32. * About the item 20, the default evaluation mode is remained as conventional.
      For more details, see online help "Font" - "Font Configuration File".

V4.2 MR5

  • March 4, 2008
    - V4.2 Maintenance Release 5
    Corrected the following bugs.
    1. Occasionally symbol character does not output in Solaris version.
    2. Occasionally graphic position is shifted wrong in the PS output.
    3. Occasionally space character vanishes when formatting from Area Tree.
    4. Occasionally graphic file cannot be loaded via HTTP interface.
    5. Some characters do not appear when using some Traditional Chinese font.
    6. When using PDF specifying page as background image, PDF output process is slow.
    7. Some SVG does not appear in PDF output.
    8. Occasionally "imported Page Error" occurs when specifying PDF as background image.
    9. Occasionally program exception occurs when outputting PS from FO that contains fo:external-graphic.
    10. The output message is not suitable when font embedding fails in the PS output.
    11. Raster images without BMP, TIFF is not supported in the PS output.
    12. Occasionally unnecessary blank page is generated when block with zero height comes at the beginning of page and next comes large block that causes page overflow.
    13. Occasionally SVG graphic is outputted as broken image in Solaris, Linux version.
    14. Occasionally break-before="column" does not work in the fo:block-container that has width and height designation.
    15. Occasionally Latin characters are formatted right to left when it is placed after the Arabic character block.
    16. Occasionally the character U+002D is changed to U+2212 in the MathML option.
    17. Occasionally there comes unnecessary space between body text and footnote that specifies axf:footnote-align="before".
    18. Some Type1 font causes "Select Font Error" due to the font content problem.
    19. Application error occurs when specifying the option setting file that describes the fonts which does not exist in the font folder.
    20. Occasionally incorrect fo:marker value appears corresponding to the span="all" designation.
    21. Occasionally axf:footnote-number is not correctly numbered.
    22. Sometimes graphic data does not compressed in the PS output.
    23. Occasionally "System Error. Source:nextPage()" happend depending FO.
    24. Sometimes proper font is not used in MathML.
    25. The spanned row's display-align = "center", "after" is not effective when table-omit-footer-at-break = "true".
    26. Sometimes the word registered in hyphenation exception dictionary is not hyphenated as expected.
    27. axf:overflow-condense = "font-stretch" is not effective in AreaTree output.
    28. Occasionally line breaks at the incorrect position due to the influence of the quote marks.

V4.2 MR 4

  • January 16, 2008
    - V4.2 Maintenance Release 4
    Corrected the following bugs.
    1. Occasionally text-align="outside" does not work correctly.
    2. Occasionally page-break-before="always" does not work correctly.
    3. Some kind of WMF is not displayed.
    4. Adobe Reader reports error when using ZapfDingbats font.
    5. External XSLT designation does not work in .NET interface.
    6. break-before="column" does not work in the fo:block-container with height assignment.
    7. Occasionally contents are placed next column even if there is enough space in multi column region.
    8. Invalid %%BoundingBox, %%PageBoundingBox value outputs to PostScript.
    9. Occasionally error code 32776(8008) occurs depending the FO file.
    10. Occasionally runtime error R6025 occurs depending the FO file.
    11. PANTONE color assignment causes error in spite of specifying alternative color.
    12. Occasionally hung up occurs in Portuguese hyphen processing.
    13. The fo:leader expands too long when specifying
    14. axf:overflow="font-stretch".
    15. Occasionally footnote body is placed next page apart from footnote reference.
    16. The output is not printed at the printer specified in command-line "-ps" argument with printer setting file.
    17. If "color-profile-name" property is omitted, the default "#CMYK" is not adopted.
    18. Some Latin character does not work as kinsoku-character.
    19. Sometimes overflow="error-if-overflow" does not work correctly.
    20. The command-line "-svgspn" argument does not work.

V4.2 MR3

  • November 7, 2007
    - V4.2 Maintenance Release 3
    Corrected the following bugs.
    1. Type 1 fonts were not being embedded.
    2. The .NET interface did not work.
    3. The change-bar applied to the table was not being outputted.
    4. Linearization was not made available in PDF1.7.
    5. <font-alias> described in font-config.xml did not function.
    6. The width of the contents of block-container in the table-cell was not reflected in the table column width with the table auto layout setting, and the contents overflowed the table-cell.
    7. The generic font of Latin described in the font-family was not being adopted.
    8. "create font error" occurred when a Chinese font was specified in FO.
    9. The width of the block for the float contents overflowed the column width.
    10. When there was a block with span="all" after the column and the block was sent to the following page. the footnote specified in the column also was sent to the following page.
    11. When keep-together.within-column specified with numerical value was in the table in the column and a block with span="all"follows after the column, it didn't work.
    12. The vertical writing font in EMF was not become vertical writing.
    13. When there are two or more axf:form-field, "Empty Acroform Error" occurred while outputting PDF.
    14. Neither axf:field-readonly="true" nor axf:field-required="true" was effective.
    15. If the block container was in another block container, the columns didn't break and overflowed.

V4.2 MR2

  • September 26, 2007
    - V4.2 Maintenance Release 2
    1. It's now possible to output TrueType by PSCreator.
    2. Corresponds to the font which does not return the right character width in Windows by changing the acquisition method of the character length.
    3. Corrected the following bugs.
    4. The position of a character with kerning, etc. was not correct when outputting SVG.
    5. Lucida Sans font could not be treated.
    6. A hidden font called Marlett could not be specified.
    7. When embedding fonts and outputting PDF, a system error occurred very rarely.
    8. End user defined characters were not outputted.
    9. The preview image of EPS was not outputted to PDF.
    10. When a long word was hyphened in several positions in a short line,
    11. the hyphenation after the second was not correctly done.
    12. When fo:block was in fo:inline and the block went over several pages, the infinite loop occurred.
    13. The processing of <mstyle> was not correct with MathML.

V4.2 MR1

  • August 27, 2007
    - V4.2 Maintenance Release 1
    Corrected the following bugs.
    1. The revision bar placed on region-body was displayed on region-before or on region-after.
    2. PNG with the color palette of 1 bit, with the transparency specified by tRNS was not displayed correctly.
    3. TrueType font in CJK was being embedded regardless whether it was specified or not.
    4. Characters in the free text annotation turned into garbage when outputting PDF/A.
    5. A white line appeared on the upper and lower sides of EMF.
    6. An xml/xsl file could not be formatted using the command line or .NET.
    7. The size of a certain font became rather large when enbedded in PDF.
    8. The width of the column of the table with auto-layout in fo:block-container absolute-position="fixed" became rather narrow.
    9. The non-starter character right after the image was not processed correctly.
    10. The path of the environment variable turned into incorrect after the uninstallation.
    11. When the content of fo:table-cell went across several pages and fo:table-row was omitted in the page, page brakes were not inserted correctly.
    12. The ligature with OpenType font was not correctly processed in PDF.
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