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Q.  Can I specify that the title and the body are not separated and kept within a page? [No.2002011529]

As XSL Formatter conforms to 4.8 Keeps and Breaks in the W3C Recommendation for XSL-FO, you can specify it by using this property. For example, suppose a block that contains the title of the chapter is A, next block that contains the text of the chapter is B.

  1. If you specify the property break-before="page" to A, the page always breaks before A block. As the result, A block is always placed at the beginning of the page.
  2. If you specify keep-with-next.within-page="always" to A, A block must be kept with B block. Therefore, there are no cases that the title of the chapter is placed at the bottom of the page separated from its text.

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