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Q.  I made two simple-page-master, one for a front cover, the other for the text body. Then I specify the value of "1" to the initial-page-number attribute in order to create page numbers except for a front cover. Then a white page was created between a front cover and a text body. Why did it happen? [No.2002061402]

It's because the default of the force-page-count property is auto. force-page-count="auto" sets pages in order of odd-page, even-page, alternately. In this case, a front page is the first page and the next body text is specified as first page, then the order becomes odd-page, odd-page, even-page. A white page is created to make an order alternately.

The XSL Recommendation says

7.25.6 "force-page-count"


Force the last page in this page-sequence to be an odd-page if the initial-page-number of the next page-sequence is even. Force it to be an even-page if the initial-page-number of the next page-sequence is odd. If there is no next page-sequence or if the value of its initial-page-number is "auto" do not force any page.

In order to avoid this, specify a value of "no-force" to force-page-count.

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