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Q.  I want to draw a border under the table-cells in the header by specifying border-after and conditionality retain to fo:table-header, also by specifying border-after to fo:table-cell. However a line cannot be created. Why? [No.2002062103]

In your FO file, border-collapse="separate" is specified to fo:table. According to the W3C Recommendation, row groups cannot have borders and paddings if it is specified to fo:table.

6.7.6 fo:table-header


The following properties apply to this formatting object:


* [7.7 Common Border, Padding, and Background Properties] NOTE: Only the background properties from this set apply. If the value of border-collapse is "collapse" or "collapse-with-precedence" for the table the border properties also apply.

7.26.5 "border-separation"


In the separate borders model, each cell has an individual border. The "border-separation" property specifies the distance between the borders of adjacent cells. This space is filled with the background of the table element. Rows, columns, row groups, and column groups cannot have borders (i.e., user agents must ignore the border properties for those elements).

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