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Q.  In a two-column layout, I'd like to place footnotes on even pages for all footnotes on the page in the left column on the bottom of each page and on odd pages in the right column. Can I do this way? [No.2002090604]

No, It' impossible. It's not permitted in the W3C Recommendation.

According to the W3C Recommendation:

The fo:footnote is typically used to produce footnote-citations within the region-body of a page and the corresponding footnote in a separate area nearer the after-edge of the page. Additionally, an fo:footnote is not permitted to have as a descendant an fo:block-container that generates an absolutely positioned area.

In addition, by using the extension function "axf:footnote-position" of XSL Formatter , it's possible to place the footnote on each column. Please see also the Online Manual of XSL Formatter.

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