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Q.  I worked with the property word-spacing and word-spacing.precedence set to 0.3em. It seems that I can widen the word-spacing but not shrink. What is the default for the word-spacing property inXSL Formatter? [No.2002091303]

The space becomes wider if you specify plus value to "word-spacing" and "word-spacing.precedence" property. If you need narrow space, please set minus values to this property. However, it's inevitable that space between words in a narrow column becomes somewhat wider.

The space between words may look much wider because the function of "justify" does not widen the space between characters with the current XSL Formatter. Even though you specify "hyphenation = true" there is a limitation because the place where the word can be split has a limitation.

The default space width depends on fonts. And the default space width is equal to the width of white space of that font. Space width of Western fonts such as "Times New Roman" is usually 0.25em.

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