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Q.  When formatting an English document with XSL Formatter and FOP having the same font name, font size and line height specified. The value of the line height is different in both applications. Why? [No.2002112205]

When formatting using the following FO, the line height of the formatted result is different in XSL Formatter and FOP.

<fo:block line-height="1.5" font-size="12pt" font-family="serif">
  This is a text string. This is a text string. This is a text string.

XSL Formatter generates the accurate value of the line height according to the W3C Recommendation for XSL-FO.

7.15.4 "line-height" XSL modifications to the CSS definition:

In XSL the "line-height" property is used in determining the half-leading trait.

You can get the actual size by measuring with a rule after printing the formatted result. The result value generated by FOP seems narrower than the specified one. We don't know the reason.

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