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Q.  Does the full width white space become a adjustment target for text-align="justify"? [No.2003111703]

the W3C Recommendation for XSL-FO says as follows:

7.16.7 "treat-as-word-space"


The value of this property is determined by the Unicode code point for the character.

As the default behavior:

The characters at code points U+0020 and U+00A0 are treated as if 'true' had been specified. All other characters are treated as if 'false' had been specified.

This property does not automatically apply word spacing to the fixed spaces (U+2000 through U+200A) or the ideographic-space (U+3000).

As for XSL Formatter, the treatment of the space in justify also follows this spec and a full-width white space is processed as 1 character of full width, unlike a half-width white space. Therefore it is not treated as the adjustment target of justify.

Moreover, unlike a half-width white space, the full-width white space is not deleted when it comes to the head/end of the line. Please refer to the following URL to see the treatment of the half-width white space when it comes to the head/end of the line.


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