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Q.  I specified text-align=<string> for fo:table-cell. However, it is applied only to the first block when there are many block in table-cell. [No.2004102603]

XSL Formatter V3.2 supports text-align=<string>.

7.15.9 "text-align" in the W3C RecommendationXSL 1.0, it is as follows.

Specifies a string on which content of cells in a table column will align (see 17.5.4 Horizontal alignment in a column in the CSS2 Specification for details and an example). This value applies only if the formatting object is a descendant of a table cell. If set on other formatting objects, it will be treated as "start".

And, 17.5.4 Horizontal alignment in a column in the CSS2 Specification, as follows.

Aligning text in this way is only useful if the text fits on one line. The result is undefined if the cell content spans more than one line.

Therefore, the result depends on the implementor when there are two or more lines. In XSL Formatter V3.2, only first line and the other cell in the column are aligned by string. Other lines are the same behavior as text-align="start".

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