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Q.  I output the SVG graphics created in Adobe Illustrator that used the ArialNarrow-Bold font to PDF. However the PDF displays regular ArialMT instead of ArialNarrow-Bold. [No.2005012801]

When the SVG graphics are created in Adobe Illustrator, the PostScript name is used as the font name. However, XSL Formatter cannot process the PostScript name. XSL Formatter needs to be specified by the windows font name. So, you must specify font-alias in XfoSettings.xml to solve this. You can describe it as follows in case of this time.

<font-settings default-font-family="xxx">
  <font-alias src="ArialNarrow-Bold" dst="Arial Narrow">

Please see "Font Settings" of the "Option Setting File" section in the Online Manual in detail.

Moreover, the unexpected display of the font can be solved by changing the font name used in the SVG graphics to the font family name.

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